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At the end of this study. submit an IND application to the US FDA begin Phase-1 clinical trials.

Evaluation of Parkinsons Drug in Parkinsons-like Subjects.

The SDBC, ICBI, has made arrangements with the Rush University Medical Center (RUMC) to evaluate its Parkinson’s drug in Parkinson’s-like primates. Before injecting the drug into these subjects, there are some initial studies ICBI has to conduct to ascertain that its drug, alpha-Synuclein-SMART Molecule, does bind to the subject’s pathological brain lesions. ICBI has sent its drug to the RUMC. This is a two phase program to study: Blood-brain barrier permeability of the drug into the central nervous system in at least 8-10 subjects; Therapeutic efficacy in these subjects.

The program goal is to image the pathological lesions in the brain of these subjects before starting the treatment and monitoring the disappearance of those lesions as the therapy is carried on in these subjects. To the best of our knowledge, such studies on Parkinson’s-like primates and humans have not been published in scientific journals. So far it has not been possible to detect pathological lesions in the brain of live patients.

A small Company like ICBI is determined to change the way neurodegenerative diseases have been dealt with to date. ICBI’s goal is to locate the pathological brain lesions by scanning the brain following intravenous administration of the drug into the patient and then using the same drug to eradicate those lesions for a normal function of the affected individuals. These studies are not inexpensive. The duration of the study is expected to be about 12 months.

At the end of this study, the Company plans to submit an Investigational New Drug (IND) application to the US FDA to begin Phase-1 clinical trials.

In April 2014 on the #PARKINSON’S ROAD TO THE CURE, PRO proudly unveiled the SDBC’s name, introducing ICBI, their scientists and their historic work to the Parkinson’s world. This remarkable science continues as they help you understand the never before possible, “real time”, imaging of the proteins causing Parkinson’s in the brain of live mice. We invite you to contact us or them if you want information about supporting or investing in The Parkinsons Road to the Cure. We would be proud to make this important introduction and we continue to salute our scientists as they forge ahead!  

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