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by Pamela Fletcher,
Medi-Cal Consulting Services, Inc.

Albert Einstein said, “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” We live for our families. We enjoy the highs together and do our best to weather through the lows.  Sometimes the assistance we need for the lows is available, if only we knew how to ask for it. In the State of California, and you may have something similar in your State if you are not from California, MEDI-CAL can be the assistance we need to take care of our loved one, but this help is often overlooked. Why is it overlooked? Why is it not used?  For many, Medi-Cal gets ignored because there is plenty of bad information. The misinformation keeps circling around and around.  We have heard the inaccurate information so often and from so many sources that many potential applicants think the inaccuracies must be true.  - “Medi-Cal will take my home.”  “I make too much money for Medi-Cal.”  “I don’t want to be in a Medi-Cal facility.” 

  • The truth is Medi-Cal will not take your home. There is an estate recovery program that they can try to collect after the death of the beneficiary, but it is easily avoidable.  In 2017, the estate recovery was limited to only allow recovery on estates/properties that go into probate. If there is no probate, there is no recovery. 

  • The truth is for someone over the age of 65 or disabled there is no income limit to Medi-Cal. Medi-Cal eligibility is based on asset limits. Income is not a qualifier or disqualifier. Income can, however, play a part in how helpful the Medi-Cal benefits can be. 

  • The truth is there is no such thing as Medi-Cal owned facilities. Skilled nursing facilities are privately owned businesses.  Almost all facilities in California contract with Medi-Cal. Since Medi-Cal does not select the facility for you, you have plenty of options for your care. 

Over the years the Medi-Cal programs have changed and evolved.  However, the noise of bad information continues.  

Let us quiet the noise and take a look at one of the exciting ways Medi-Cal has evolved. The spousal impoverishment rules meant to assist couples with care costs were previously only used for skilled nursing facility care. In 2017, Medi-Cal made those impoverishment rules available to couples who wanted to remain at home through a Home and Community Based Services Waiver. The spousal impoverishment rules when applied, can make in-home care much more accessible. The spousal rules are for those couples where one spouse has more health issues, like Parkinson’s, and needs assistance.  It is possible to have the Medi-Cal benefits applied to the spouse with Parkinson’s and the resources and income remain available to the other spouse. The Home and Community Based Services Waiver means the couple does not have to use all the resources and income to pay for the care of the ill spouse leaving the well spouse with nothing. 

Not all assets count. Some assets are exempt, and others may be considered unavailable. The primary home, one vehicle, businesses, 401Ks, IRAs, annuities, some life insurance and burial policies are examples of exempt assets. A couple with less than $130,420 of countable assets such as checking/savings accounts and secondary homes can qualify to have Medi-Cal benefits for one spouse. Along with the higher amount of countable assets, the income is viewed differently as well, often eliminating the Share of Cost.  

 At Medi-Cal Consulting Services, we specialize in Medi-Cal eligibility using the Home and Community Based Services Waiver. Let us provide you with clear concise accurate information. We can help give you peace of mind and guaranteed results. Contact Medi-Cal Consulting Services for a free consultation.  

To learn more about this beneficial assistance, go to the Wellness Village, watch their videos, and get in touch with them directly. Medi-Cal Consulting Services, Inc have been members in the Wellness Village since September 2018.

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Updated: August 16, 2017