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Greetings from Cornerstone Pharmacy! We hope you have all enjoyed a terrific summer and are looking forward to cooler temperatures on the horizon wherever you are! If you live in the Coachella Valley or have a loved one that lives here, I want to send out a couple of reminders for you all as we rapidly approach the fall season.

Fall brings with it FOUR COMMON ILLNESSES.

SEASONAL ALLERGIES Especially for our local desert residents, you will start to see an increase in allergens in the air with the beginning of scalping season. If dust and grasses are your triggers, please do not wait to start your allergy medication whether it be a daily tablet or nasal spray so that you are ready and can mitigate the symptoms of an allergic response.

INFLUENZA (THE FLU) is consistently one of the most common illnesses. People start spending more time indoors creating an incubator for spreading this virus. It is time again to start thinking about your flu shot. Most pharmacies will have inventory in stock near the beginning of September so plan to get your flu shot early. For those over the age of 65, we suggest asking for the high dose vaccine to improve your immune response and protection from the flu. Also, for those of you at high risk for pneumonia or are over the age of 65, please ask if you are a candidate for the vaccination that will protect you against the most common form of pneumonia. Medicare Part B fully covers both immunizations and should not cost you anything out of pocket.

ARTHRITIS PAIN is not a common fall illness. However, the cooler temperatures could lead to greater joint pain. The changes in weather and the drop in atmospheric pressures have shown to add more discomfort among those with arthritis. Quite often these changes also cause sinus problems and migraines. Your pharmacy has products to relieve these symptoms and pain.

RAYNAUD SYNDROME and HEART DISEASE The most common symptoms, poor circulation, numbness, and swelling are endemic with Raynaud Syndrome. Cooler weather can affect blood flow, making it difficult for the body to adapt. At the same time, during the fall, people living with heart disease may also experience more pain or difficulty for similar reasons. Check with your provider to see if you are at risk

SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER (SAD) is a common illness brought on by shorter days and cooler weather. Depression can lead to problems with sleeping and appetite, making a person more susceptible to illness. Light therapy and other treatments are inexpensive ways to minimize the effects of SAD, rather than going to the doctor's office.

As always, if you or your loved one are in the desert, Cornerstone Pharmacy looks forward to the opportunity to partner with you on your path to improved health. Reach out to our team with any questions about allergies, immunizations or other available therapies and let us partner with you in your battle with Parkinson’s Disease.

Find Cornerstone Pharmacy in the Wellness Village where they’ve been a member since January 2018. They strive to build relationships with patients that are lifelong and trusting.

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Updated: August 16, 2017