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            Products that are derived from cannabis plants are the same, but the purpose of using it differs, so it is categorized as recreational and medical marijuana.

            For example, recreational marijuana users have a basic purpose of enjoying the high or change their current state, whereas medical marijuana seekers desire to reduce their symptoms. Therefore, the former often look for products with a high THC level.

            THC is the main psychoactive element that induces the high. On the other hand, medical patients seek products that have potentially high therapeutic cannabinoids. It can even be a product with a high THC level.

            Cannabis products are administered in different ways, including capsules, dermal patches, tinctures, lozenges, sprays, smoking, vaporizing and edibles.

Legality of use

            According to federal law, it is illegal to possess or use marijuana for any kind of purpose. However, at the state level, the policies differ greatly. There is a conflict between many states and federal law. In 33 states, medical marijuana use is legalized.

Fourteen states limit the THC level so that products loaded with CBD [non-psychoactive] compound. The federal law is prohibited from prosecuting people adhering to their state’s medical marijuana laws.

            Recreational marijuana use is legalized in 27 states. In every jurisdiction where marijuana has been legalized, commercial distribution is allowed. Some cannabinoid drugs are approved by the FDA under prescription use. At the Federal level, cannabidiol products made from industrial hemp can be used without any prescription, but enforcement differs from one state to another.

            On the other hand, Canada has recently legalized Cannabis across the country and has allowed certain licensed facilities to grow and sell Cannabis products. Indiva is one of the leading companies that has been producing as well as supplying CBD and THC dried flower pre-rolls.

Shopping experience

            The shopping experience is the same when you buy medical or recreational cannabis products. Patients have to show their medical cannabis card and ID at the licensed medical dispensaries. A few have a waiting room for the patients and are called one by one to ensure privacy.

            Some shops have dual license. It means they serve medical and recreational consumers both. Medical patients are offered discounts as well as tax deductions.

            Recreational stores are not permitted to offer customers medical advice, even though patients can shop there. On the other hand, dual-licensed shops and medical dispensaries offer advice to their patient-customers. The budtenders there are given education opportunities like attending certification courses and seminars.

            Perks medical patients receive, and recreational consumers don’t

•           High THC potency limits

•           Low costs and taxes

•           Legal access to patients, who are minors

•           High quantity limitations

•           Medical patients can grow their weeds

Who is eligible for a medical marijuana card?

Patients suffering from medical conditions like epilepsy, HIV, MS, cancer, ALS, Glaucoma, PTSD, Parkinson’s disease, etc. are qualified for getting the medical marijuana card. With this card, the patients can buy necessary marijuana products at any dispensary licensed by the state.

            Marijuana effects

            In recreational cannabis products, THC is dominant. These THC dominant strains are also used in chronic pain alleviation. Dispensaries generally sell CBD dominant products because they elicit non-psychoactive effects.

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Updated: August 16, 2017