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Our goal has been to reduce the levels of pathogenic protein by at least 50% … Heightened Optimism …

Dose Dependent Therapeutic Effect of α-Syn-SM — We had previously shared information with you about the dose dependent therapeutic effect of two and six doses of our Parkinson’s drug, α-Syn-SM, in Parkinson’s mice. With two and six doses α-Syn-SM had shown 17% and 36% reduction of pathogenic α-synuclein in the brain of Parkinson’s mice, respectively. Our goal has been to reduce the levels of pathogenic protein by at least 50%.  Therefore, recently we conducted an experiment in which multiple Parkinson’s mice were given twelve doses (two doses per week for six weeks) intravenously. The results obtained were phenomenal. A 64% Reduction in the levels of pathogenic α-synuclein was seen with 12 doses. The FDA requires that a drug must demonstrate dose dependent therapeutic effect before it can be considered for clinical trials. We are confident that these results will help us obtain an Investigational New Drug (IND) application approval from the US FDA in the first application. Based upon these findings we are more confident than ever before that our SMART Molecules will revolutionize curative therapies for most neurodegenerative diseases of the central nervous system beginning with Parkinson’s disease.

            Heightened Optimism for Effectiveness of SMART Molecules to Cure Parkinson’s disease — Our science continues to be validated from multiple internal and external sources. As an example, it was recently reported that depletion of the RNA-binding protein PTB (Pyrimidine Tract-Binding Protein) in the brain of Parkinson’s animals converts astrocytes into dopamine producing neurons and restores motor function [Nature, 582, 550 (2020)]. The experiment involved injecting the mouse brain with the PTB inhibitor. Since ICBII can develop a blood-brain barrier permeable PTB SMART Molecule to treat human PWPs with a simple intravenous injection, without a hospital stay and complications of brain injections, we are excited to start this program as soon as possible.  PTB protein has been known for decades and the cloning vectors are available for its production.

            COVID-19 Lockdown We have been observing state mandated COVID-19 lockdown since February 25, 2020. Since most vendors are also compelled to do so, buying laboratory supplies is a big problem. For example, we are still waiting for some of the gene constructs of α-Syn-SM, a potential Parkinson’s drug that we ordered from Gen- Script, NJ, in February 2020.

            We are pleased to present information to you at PRO’s August 12th VILLAGE MEETING and look forward to seeing you there.

            WOULD YOU LIKE TO HELP get ICBII’s drugs to market faster? — The joy of being a part of this historical event can be had by helping ICBI find the funds to bring these trials to fruition through your investing, and by finding others with the financial ability and humanitarian mindset to accomplish the—until now—impossible. Please contact ICBI directly through their website ICBII.com/ or by phone 858-455-9880, or contact Jo Rosen at PRO for a personal introduction to the scientists.

IMAGINE the world without Parkinson’s, MSA, or Alzheimer’s disease. JUST IMAGINE.

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Updated: August 16, 2017