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Lifting a person who has “fallen and can’t get up” with the use of one’s own back and legs is nearly a thing of the past, thanks to a new medical device called the Raizer. A caregiver who was otherwise concerned about hurting him/herself while lifting a fallen person can accomplish the lift much safer for both themselves and the fallen person. A device that seems to be revolutionizing the ease of caregiving is the Raizer which is a simple battery operated mobile lifting chair that helps a fallen person up to an almost standing position within a few minutes. The Raizer can, with ease, be assembled and operated by only one assistant/caregiver and does not require any physical effort besides a supportive hand.

Many caregivers have experienced that the Raizer provides for a better physical and psychological working environment. In general, they state that their physical working posture is better as they use less effort in supporting the person during the lift.

When discussing the Raizer lift, a department manager said: “The caregiver’s physical working posture is better. They still have to go to their knees, but it’s a completely different working posture”. A social and healthcare assistant adds: “It’s very positive that you don’t have to exert yourself physically. There are merely a few buttons you need to press, and then the Raizer performs almost the entire lift”.

A caregiver can feel more in control of the situation. Not only do they feel calmer performing the lift they feel like they have effectuated the lift far more safely and thus more professional. The Raizer puts the patient in the center. It all revolves around them. Consequently, the patient gains a feeling of participation and less like an invalid. They’re more empowered to feel at ease when they get to the near standing position allowing them to access their walker, cane or even be seated in their wheelchair. A patient can feel more a part of their fall recovery.

In most cases, Raizer will contribute to reducing the number of lift risks by the caregiver when a patient has had a fall. It makes it possible to lift a fallen person while protecting their head, upper body, legs, etc. and also protecting the back and legs of the caregiving lifter. It reduces the risk of dropping the patient while executing a manual lift.

A person who has fallen and cannot get up again is raised comfortably to a sitting or almost standing position in a way that is safe and comfortable for the patient by supporting the entire body throughout the process. This way of lifting shows consideration for the importance of being helped up in a dignified and safe way.

If they fall, patients find that the Raizer meets their needs for getting up from the floor with a much more humane and dignified process. It’s an overall nice experience for them. One patient states: “It was a good and pleasant lift. Quick, and a nice help”.

Most patients are being very positive and want to be lifted by the Raizer, should they fall. A patient has stated: “It’s one of the better lifting aids. Next time I fall I’ll ask the caregiver to lift me with the Raizer”.

Being lifted by the Raizer makes the patient feel very safe and secure. The great majority of staff and managers in nursing homes or care facilities find that the patients prefer being lifted with the Raizer. A social and healthcare assistant says: “The patient was calm and less defeated. She was positively surprised when she was lifted in such a comfortable and dignified way. She hardly noticed that she had been lifted.”

Technical Details  

The Raizer can be conveniently stored at home or in a car.  It comes in two carry bags weighing a total of 28.6 lbs. The bags can be carried using a shoulder strap or as a backpack. The unit can then be assembled around the person who needs assistance. Assembly is easy with color-coded pieces and a loud click that lets you know the pieces have been properly attached. Easy and safe assembly makes the Raizer an ideal lifting aid, not only for professional caregivers but family and friends will also be able to use the Raizer to help their loved ones.

The Raizer is battery operated with the battery unit located in the seat. To fully charge the battery takes approximately six hours. A full battery will provide from 40–100 lifts depending on the load. The total lifting capacity is 330 lbs, and a lift takes between 20–30 seconds to reach a near standing position.  

Care and maintenance of the Raizer is simple using a damp cleaning cloth to clean the unit and an alcohol-based disinfectant if necessary. The Raizer has a service life expectancy of five years or more with regular maintenance.

Overall benefits from using the Raizer

There is a strong request from both patients, staff members, and facility administration, to use the Raizer. For the patients, the Raizer provides a comfortable and safe lifting situation both at a care facility, or in their own private homes. For the spouses or caregivers in the private homes or in a care facility the Raizer provides an improved work environment with less physical risks during the lift of a patient.  Lastly, facility administration benefits from improved efficiency and safety as the Raizer support decreases staff injuries, more effectiveness, and less sick days.

For more information about Raizer by Liftup, visit them in the Wellness Village under Mobility Products. Watch their video and visit their website or give them a call. Raizer by Liftup has been a Wellness Village member since April 2018.

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Updated: August 16, 2017