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High Stakes Fundraising Challenge

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You might have heard by now that Parkinson’s Resource Organization was invited to participate in a unique fundraising challenge through A Community Thrives, in partnership with USA Today and the Gannett Foundation. 

At stake is up to $100,000 in development grants which would support our emotional and practical resources for people with Parkinson’s and their Partners in Care. 

To qualify for the next round of grant consideration, we were tasked with hitting a specific fundraising goal to demonstrate we have the grassroots support worth investing in. With the help of some very special donors, we hit the mandatory fundraising minimum of $6,000 in just four days

But we’re competing with over 200 organizations for just 16 grants, and there are Additional Incentives we are striving for, and we need your help to stand out from the crowd. The incentives:

A total of $200,000 will be awarded during the fundraising phase of the Campaign to those qualifying organizations that raise the most funds, as follows:

The top three (3) fundraisers with at least ten (10) unique donors in each of the two (2) tiers at the end of the Campaign Challenge period will receive an incentive grant of:

  • $25,000 Top Fundraiser – one (1) winner in each Tier;
  • $15,000 Second Highest Fundraiser – one (1) winner in each Tier;
  • $10,000 Third Highest Fundraiser – one (1) winner in each Tier.

We’re proud to serve our community with emotional support, practical resources, one-on-one consultations and more to ensure no one is isolated because of Parkinson’s. But we can’t do this alone – and we can’t do it without significant investment from outside programs like A Community Thrives. 

Please make a donation between now and August 12th at ParkinsonsResource.org/acommunitythrives. Your donation doesn’t have to be big to make an impact. The more donors we get between now and August 12th, the stronger our application for the major grant of up to $100,000!

Thank You to our community who have already donated. Let’s keep up the momentum. Share this info with your family and friends, and make your donation of $5, $50, or even $500 today to demonstrate to A Community Thrives that our services matter to the Parkinson’s community. 

Learn more at ParkinsonsResource.org/acommunitythrives.


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Updated: August 16, 2017