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I came up with one thing

And I don’t believe I’m wrong

That nobody, 

But nobody 

Can make it out here alone.

The business of living is tricky. It’s a fine balancing act that can quite easily tip in different directions—right or wrong; it depends on your perspective. One thing is for sure, at some point, we all need support. In the words of the late Maya Angelou,

Alone, all alone

Nobody, but nobody 

Can make it out here alone.

For an elderly or disabled person in need of support (help) with the daily chores of living, not finding (having) the right caregiver is a life deal breaker. Finding the correct care provider and understanding the legal and financial burdens can be overwhelming. Having the knowledge to navigate these tricky waters, though, is essential for all—the person in need of care, the caregivers, families, and the agencies such as Cambrian Homecare, providing the service.

You don’t get to choose how you’re going to die, or when.

You can only decide how you’re going to live. 

-Joan Baez

As caregiving, and the need for care, will touch each and every one of us at some point, we would like to share information with you about home care in California today.

Currently, the State of California and Governor Brown are bringing into effect new rules and regulations for in-home care. Like life in general, it’s not that simple.


As many of you know, AB241 came into effect on January 1st, 2014 to regulate, in part, how caregiving is managed in California. It requires that overtime pay be given to caregivers after 9 hours of work a day, and 45 hours per week. It’s a good principle, but the reality is that costs have already risen by 35% in most cases, especially for 24 hour live-ins.

ACTION This legislation will be re-evaluated in 2017. In the meantime, Governor Brown would like to hear from consumers, patients and clients about any harm or distress that this bill may have caused you, or your families.

New Bill under consideration–The Domestic Referral Agencies bill AB1863 is soon to be heard by the Senate, having recently passed through the Assembly. If passed, this bill would require ‘referral or placement’companies be licensed the same as the Home Care ‘employer’companies.

We at Cambrian Homecare welcome regulation that helps to provide quality care for those in need. In bill AB1863, however, we foresee confusion and distress to those most vulnerable in our community.

Bill AB1863 refers to “domestic referral agencies”, which means that a client—the care receiver—needs to know that they will be considered an “employer”. They will need to be very aware of who is the “employer of record”of their caregiver; and who is responsible for the paying of employer and employee taxes and maintain insurance coverage.

So, Cambrian Homecare is worried that you, or a client, will not know, until there is an issue, that you should have paid payroll taxes and insurances and are now facing a big bill. Be aware…

AN INITIATIVE BEING PROPOSED Labor union organizations are proposing to the State of California that home care companies and agencies, be they small or large, complete expensive audit reporting procedures through independent accounting firms. The objective would be to show the amounts paid in caregiver wages, as well as, in general, overhead costs. The Labor organizations dictate that the sense of balance should be 75% paid in wages, and 25% in all overhead costs.

We believe that most home care companies today could easily comply with the 75% split in favor of caregiver wages. Our concern, however, is that the costs involved in these audits would be prohibitive, driving up the 25% portion, and ultimately many home care companies would simply go out of business. Mergers and large takeovers would occur, and personalized service would be a thing of the past. As a result, there would be a drastic reduction in the choice of service available to clients, patients and families.

This is already happening in other parts of the healthcare industry, with hospital mergers and also skilled nursing facilities—all being owned by large companies. Home health and hospice agencies are now facing 14% cuts, forcing them also to consolidate care.

Cambrian Homecare fears that home care is next. And at a time when people are living longer and longer lives, more will need help and support either at home, or in a nursing facility. It is a shame that those of us who truly care about the needs of the individuals in our community, are forced to focus on surviving, rather than serving.

Now if you listen closely

I’ll tell you what I know

Storm clouds are gathering

The wind is gonna blow

The race of man is suffering

And I can hear the moan,

‘Cause nobody,

But nobody

Can make it out here alone.”

-Maya Angelou

To help you make sens e of your home care needs, and know that you are not alone, visit Cambrian Homecare in the Wellness Village.

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Updated: August 16, 2017