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ICBI UPDATE A Real-Time Science Report LOOKING FORWARD TO 2019

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A Real-Time Science Report
Pharm Visit Preparation: ICB International, Inc., (“ICBII”), is excited to be visited by representatives of a European Pharmaceutical company from January 8–9, 2019. For the last couple of weeks, ICBII management has been busy getting ready for their guests preparing due diligence documents to ensure smooth sailing of the diligence process. We have been in discussions with this pharmaceutical company for nearly 15 months, and we maintain high optimism to launch a collaboration deal early next year. Signing a collaborative deal with a pharmaceutical company will provide funds for developing a commercial drug, at least for Parkinson’s disease.
    We are in discussions with two other international pharmaceutical companies who have intimated to us that they wish to start due diligence on ICBII technology early next year as well. 
Invitation by Alzheimer’s Society International Congress (ASIC) – ICBII was recently invited by ASIC to present its SMART Molecules technology at the Alzheimer’s Society International conference to be held in San Francisco, February 19-21, 2019. The senior management of ICBII is delighted by and has accepted the invitation validating the recognition of ICBII’s science by outside institutions and foundations.
Invitation by Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) – ICBII received an invitation to meet representatives of the MJFF in San Francisco from January 7–8, 2019. However, due to the European pharma visit next month, the MJFF meeting had to be postponed. We again are delighted to announce that we are still on the radar of the MJFF.
Testing of Cloned Segment of α-Syn-SM – Before converting a cloned segment into α-Syn-SM, we wanted to test if this segment has a therapeutic effect on Parkinson’s (PD) transgenic mice. Since October 15, 2018, PD transgenic mice are being treated once every week with the cloned segment of the SMART Molecule. After 12 treatments, the brain of these animals will be analyzed for the total alpha-syn burden and compare with the untreated mice. We expect to have therapeutic efficacy data on the cloned molecule by March 2019. If the data looks encouraging, we will convert the cloned segment into α-Syn-SM, which will be scaled up to generate large quantities for toxicological studies and then file an IND (Investigational New Drug) Application with the USFDA.
Would you like to help get their drugs to market faster? The joy of being a part of this historical event can be had by helping ICBII find the funds to bring these trials to fruition through your investing, and by finding others with the financial ability and humanitarian mindset to accomplish the—until now—impossible. Please contact Jo Rosen at 760-773-5628 or jorosen@Parkinsonsresource.org or by contacting ICBII directly through their website  ICBII.com or by phone, 858-455-9880.
IMAGINE the world without Parkinson’s, MSA or Alzheimer’s disease. JUST IMAGINE.

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