ICBII Update on the Road to the Cure - December 2022

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A Real-Time Science Report
Ram S. Bhatt, PhD., Chief Science Officer


The cure of any disease, including Parkinson’s, depends upon two key factors: 1) Understanding the cause of disease; 2) Delivery of the drug to the target site. In the case of Parkinson’s disease, both key factors/issues have been illusive in developing curative therapy. The real cause of Parkinson’s is still not known after 4-5 decades of global scientific efforts. Another issue is that of an anatomical and physical barrier, known as the blood-brain barrier (BBB), that has prevented most drugs from reaching the central nervous system (CNS). These two key issues summarize the failure of the scientific community to develop therapies to successfully halt the progression and cure Parkinson’s and other CNS diseases. 

However, major advances in research have increased our understanding of what may be causing Parkinson’s.  A recently discovered gene appears to play a great role in maintaining dopaminergic neuronal mitochondrial structure and function. Scientists have found that ablation and/or dysfunction/malfunction of this gene in the Drosophila fly and mice, due to any reason such as mutation, leads to mitochondria failure. Mitochondria is a cell’s energy producing machine. The failure of mitochondria to do its job leads to the loss of dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra, and thus Parkinson’s appears. Reference: Maintenance of mitochondrial integrity in midbrain dopaminergic neurons governed by a conserved developmental transcription factor, Nature Communication, 13, 1426 (2022). If indeed this study is validated, this gene has the potential of becoming the most desirable target for curing Parkinson’s disease.

Scientists have known for a long time that mitochondria are dysfunctional in Parkinson’s and other CNS diseases. Now we know the culprit behind it, which generates lots of optimism in developing a cure for CNS diseases.  

ICB International, Inc., has already resolved the issue of transporting drugs across the BBB into the CNS in animal models. This company’s technology will be useful in delivering this gene or its protein product to the target site in the Parkinson’s brain. Therefore, the cure for Parkinson’s disease may be closer than ever before.

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