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HAPPY 2014! Let’s fly to the moon this year as we work to culminate the ROAD TO THE CURE on this page.

Parkinson’s comes in all ages and progressions. Living alone with Parkinson’s must be most difficult, and living homeless with Parkinson’s must be purely frightful, especially if the manifestations are stooped posture, severe shuffling, balance issues causing multiple falls per day, slurred speech, drooling and the inability and/or lack of a place to clean oneself.

Such was the case of a 51 year old homeless man with Parkinson’s. Finding resources for this man: clothing, shelter and medical assistance was one of PRO’s year-end missions. Arrested for mistaken drunkenness and hospitalized after a serious fall at Christmas, he is now in rehab and PRO is working to get him comfortable and safe.

My most rewarding day of the year for the last six years is hosting CHRISTMAS WITH THE MARINES at my home. This year there were six Navy Sailors. I am so grateful to all of our service members for putting their lives on the line for our freedoms. We’ve tried to capture the feeling with the video at CHRISTMAS WITH THE MARINES. Many people with Parkinson’s experienced being in the military, subjected to stress, toxins and more; Hearing of Parkinson’s Resource Organization for the first time, these youngsters now know, if they ever need it, there is a resource PARKINSON’S RESOURCE ORGANIZATION available to them.

We begin this year with our continued stream of vital information  WHY USE AN ATTORNEY WHEN APPLYING FOR MEDICAID? from our New York Elder Law Attorney Ron Fatoullah. A helpful and interesting article; LIVING AT HOME WITH DEMENTIA a Johns Hopkins study.  Be sure to read CRANIO-MANDIBULAR DYSFUNCTION – “CMD” By Dr. Lynn Lipskis as well as DENTAL APPLIANCES CAN HELP PEOPLE WITH SLEEP APNEA.  Another very interesting and little know message LYME DISEASE: A PARKINSON’S IMITATOR? 

Our fundraising, FUN event continues to build. Get all the details and  JOIN US AT IRONWOOD COUNTRY CLUB

On behalf of everyone benefiting from our efforts, we thank ALL who responded to “The Little Engine That Could” and made donations to fill our box cars so we can continue delivering the goods. We urge you to continue. Please donate by mailing a check to the address on the cover or go on line to our secure Website.

Until next month REMEMBER your New Year resolutions on the 1st, Martin Luther King Day on the 20th, this is National Eye Health Care Month, and Remember to CELEBRATE YOU. PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS!


Jo Rosen

Founder & President

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