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COVID19 or not, my birthday comes every year, same date, same time, and it is worth celebrating. In my world, one’s birthday is the most important day of the year. Because it is COVID-19 time LET’S virtually CELEBRATE in all but name.

You can come here to and leave your sentiments, and you will even have an opportunity to donate directly to PRO in my honor. I will thank you, but the thousands of people we help will thank you more. My gift will be seeing your participation. This is the 7th year of ROSES FOR ROSEN. PRO’s definition of Roses is donations. Seven is a lucky number, I can feel it!! 

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Sentiments for Jo

May your day, and future, be as wonderful for you as you have made our days and years for us. Happiness always


—Barbara Black, Sep 1, 2020



Keep up the great work. The world needs you. The world appreciates you!


—Shon Tomlin, Sept 3, 2020



I've had the pleasure of knowing Jo for many years and we've shared pertinent news, ideas and stories together. And I'm sure there are many that share my sentiments - not only is she tireless and remarkable (where does she get all that energy?), but she is a godsend for the Parkinson's community. I have sat in the previously possible monthly meetings and heard tales of woe and joy as well as the thanks expressed for the knowledge she has shared with so many!
Thanks, Jo for all that you are and all that you do...and most importantly THANKS FOR BEING YOU!!


—Allen Shores, Sep 4, 2020



Thank you for the care and concern of the Parkinson’s Community in all that you do.

—Ms. Carol Johnson, Sep 9, 2020

When we first got diagnosed in Jan.2020,it was a shock. Finding Jo and her heartfelt words and invite to the meetings was a blessing. I believe the caregiver programs have helped me immensely. Manfred saw that he was not alone and we continue down the unsure road. Thank you Jo for giving us hope and inspiration and we look forward to hugging again in the near future.


—Manfred Kros



My sister was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 6 years ago. Nothing was working for her and we were hard pressed to understand what was wrong. After a particularly difficult day, my sister Maureen called me in tears. I was so angry and sad that we couldn’t get any answers. So in desperation I looked up Parkinson’s while in Palm Springs and was connected to Jo. The kindness and caring she gave me and subsequently my sister was overwhelming. She is truly a light in the darkness of this horrible disease. Thank you Jo for all you do and a Happy Birthday from Michele, Norie and Eileen.


—Michele Waldner



You have opened up a whole new world for me by having meetings I can join from Arizona. You always led the meetings with a professionalism and grace. You took the time to make all feel welcome. You also took the time to find interesting speakers and topics. For all these things I remain eternally grateful.


—Barbara Hill



When I needed support you were there for me.


—Diane Henderson



I have known Jo for over 20 years and gave watched her dream develop from just that, a dream, into something much grander. I have seen her grow in so many ways. Her passion for the Parkinson's community is unparalleled. Often feeling alone and unsupported she has stayed true and enhanced the mission of P.R.O. The Parkinson's Community is fortunate to have her as their ally.







—Maureem O’Dell



Thank you so much for all the hard work u do for the Parkinson's community, without u we'd all be lost. Jackie Erickson 9-22-2020


—Jackie Erickson



Your future is now and your legacy is yet to come.The PRO is just beginning to grow and we expect it to continue to"ZOOM" Keep going on what you perceive to be the right direction as your intuition works! Happy Birthday


—Miichael & EllenOpell



Happy Birthday, Jo! What a fantastic legacy you have made - a life driven by love, acceptance, and selflessness. May your birthday, and the many celebrations for it, be as wonderful as you are.


—Lauren Ruiz



Jo Rosen has devoted her life to helping the Parkinson's Community by continually networking and searching for the latest information that she can convey to the community in a variety of ways. Whenever I come in contact with a Parkinson's patient I direct them to PRO for encouragement, resources and care. God bless you Jo and Happy Birthday!!


—Christy Alferi Arroyo Physical Therapy


Three Haikus For Jo

Jo Rosen should know
That she makes our whole world glow
With her hugs, you know?

Jo spends all her time
Making sure we’re all doing fine.
Her voice calms like wine. 

We missed the 26th
It doesn’t affect our wish
Happy Birthday-ish

Jo, we just adore and admire you without reservation. Your work and your spirit have uplifted everyone who can hear you. And your voice needs to be heard. Mazel Tov!

Your friends.
—Dave Verdery and Curtis Cannon

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