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To date, there are no diagnostic tests for Parkinson’s disease (PD). The presence of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) has impeded the development of non-invasive diagnosis of most of the brain diseases. The diagnosis of PD relies mostly on clinical features whereas neuropathological confirmation is only possible with postmortem studies. In the last many years, numerous studies demonstrated that alpha-synuclein pathology in PD is widely distributed throughout the body. Lewy bodies (LBs), a pathological hallmark of PD, are made up of misfolded alpha-synuclein. These Lewy bodies have been detected outside the Central Nervous System (CNS) in the gastrointestinal tract particularly in stomach, duodenum, colon, rectum, submandibular gland, the enteric nervous system, the sympathetic ganglia, the cardiac and pelvic plexuses, the adrenal medulla, and the skin.

These findings led to research aimed at achieving pathological confirmation of PD during life by biopsying these easily accessible peripheral tissues, particularly the submandibular gland and the enteric nervous system. This may be of interest as it raises the possibility of in vivo demonstration of alpha-synuclein histopathology, therefore improving the accuracy of PD diagnosis. These new findings are indeed very exciting but the readers/viewers of these news should exercise caution in accepting these findings in their totality as: #1) these results are not conclusive and #2) more research is needed to confirm whether or not PD pathology originates in the gut. We advise patients and their caretakers to analyze each and every news item about these complex brain disorders very carefully after discussing with their physicians.

Biopsies are not devoid of risks. Therefore, patients and family members should not rush to their doctors’ offices to get their GI tract tested for Lewy bodies. This is particularly important when 70-85% peer reviewed research published in scientific journals cannot reproduced by other investigators.

ICBI Technology Is Capable of Treating Lewy Bodies Anywhere in the Patients

Regardless of the origin of PD, ICBI technology is capable of meeting every possible challenge to modulate the function of Lewy bodies. The technology that can penetrate through the impermeable barrier due to the BBB then latch onto the intended pathological lesions in the central nervous system will definitely find it very easy to find and neutralize cure gastrointestinal tract Lewy bodies.

ICBI Receives its Second Grant Award from the Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF)

During the last week of June, ICBI received its second grant award from the MJFF to continue its research on an important therapeutic target for Parkinson’s disease. We are grateful to the MJFF for recognizing the potential of ICBI technology and endorsing its efforts with a grant award.

For PRO, it is very exciting to see the momentum that the advancements of ICBI’s historic work in the Parkinson’s world is receiving. This “GAME CHANGING” science continues as we help you understand the never before possible, “real time”, reporting of creating the “Road to the Cure.” This, like all other science, is brought to fruition with talent and money. We invite you to be in touch if you want information about supporting The Parkinson’s Road to the Cure. Being involved in such providential/humanitarian efforts as bringing the cure to Parkinson’s disease to reality is considered by many to be monumental and extremely rewarding!

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