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After proudly introducing these scientists and their incomparable history making work on the #PARKINSON’S ROAD TO THE CURE in April, this remarkable science continues to provide immeasurable hope of bringing the cure of Parkinson’s, Parkinson’s disease Dementia and Alzheimer’s to fruition. They continue reporting their progress and we continue inviting you to contact us or them for information about participating in The Parkinsons Road to the Cure. We would be proud to make your introduction and we continue to salute these scientists as they forge ahead!

ICB International (ICBI) has initiated a Program to Address the Pathogenesis of Parkinsons Disease Dementia (PDD)

Last month, we reported a potential link between PDD and neurofibrillary tangles NFTS. To meet this unmet medical need for PDD. ICBI scientists have initiated a program to develop SMART molecules (SMs) for various isoforms of phosphorylated tau protein, which have been implicated in PDD. Tau protein has several isoforms with different phosphorylated amino acids. The complexity of this protein will require the generation of several SMs in order to develop few SMs with the appropriate therapeutic index to neutralize and/or control the function of NFTS.

NIH Grant Submission

ICBI submitted a grant to NIH on June 16 asking for funds to optimize radio-labeling of SMs with radioactive iodine-124 for PET imaging experiments. Typically, radio-iodination is performed using a strong oxidant, which can damage the ICBI alpha-syn-SM. So, we need to develop alternative strategies which can result in fully intact and functional protein after the process of radio-iodination.

Recognition of ICBIα-Synuclein-SM for Parkinsons disease

Dr. Anna Cartier’s oral presentation at Keystone Symposium has drawn considerable attention from the scientific community. As a result, ICBI has been invited to present its work on Parkinson’s disease at such major events as:

Translational Imaging in Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease Symposium, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, September, 22, 2014;

CNS Diseases World Summit, San Francisco, September 17–19, 2014;

Michael J. Fox Foundation Parkinson’s meeting, New York, October 24, 2014, and;

Bio International 2014, San Diego, June 23–26, 2014.

The scientists at ICBI have also been invited to write a review article on their α-syn-SM for the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

Readers of “Road to Cure Parkinson’s disease”should delight in knowing that the investments dollars of ICBI’s investors are being used to develop technologies which, with confidence, will one day relieve sufferings of millions of Parkinson’s patients. ICBI gratefully acknowledges the financial support of its Angel Investors because without their support it would have been impossible to generate the data that put ICBI on the world biotech map.

Need to Hire Additional Scientists

ICBI is actively looking for funds to hire two PhD senior scientists:

A scientist to head the scale up of SMART Molecules by cloning and;

A scientist to radio-label SMART Molecules and perform PET imaging in animals.

Since SMART Molecules have been unequivocally proven to go across the blood-brain barrier and latch onto their intended targets, ICBI needs to scale up the production for clinical trials.

Road to Cure Neurodegenerative Diseases

Developing therapeutic drugs to slow down, halt and modify/cure neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease is one of the toughest global medical challenges. The big pharmaceutical companies and foundations have poured billions of dollars into developing drugs for brain diseases with dismal success. Unfortunately, they are still pursuing old paradigms, which have failed again and again, and are unwilling to think out of the box and accept those who do. With very few dollars, ICBI has reached a stage that big institutions have not been able to reach, even after spending billions of dollars. Imagine what could happen if ICBI had an easy access to more dollars.

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