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Spring has passed, Summer officially begins in just a few short weeks. JUNE is always filled with newness and milestones: High school and College Graduates beginning a new chapter in their lives, WEDDINGS blending two lives into a NEW union and everyone is planning NEW ADVENTURES for their summer. June is the half way point of our calendar year and for PRO the conclusion of a very busy first 6 months of 2016, so busy in fact we missed bringing you our May Newsletter. With the conclusion of a very successful first half of 2016 and wrap up of a spectacular support group season, we begin an even busier phase of planning and growth. At PRO all eyes are now on OUR future, filled with change, improvement and massive advancements in our outreach and communication capabilities.

Our Capital Campaign will launch this month to fund our expanding OUTREACH, touching more lives, delivering help and hope to more families dealing with Parkinson's. Having a bigger better presence ONLINE, our DIGITAL outreach will include a NEW website delivering Webinars, Tele-seminars and expanding our support group reach from hundreds to thousands desperately needing help and connection. We are also migrating our entire outdated and unsupported data base, to a NEW, state of the art contact management system so EVERYONE: loyal supporters, followers, and site visitors new to PRO  will enjoy a seamless, customized and more personal “one on one” approach to staying connected with us. Our website will be SIMPLE, EASY TO NAVIGATE and FULL of valuable information, helpful advice and inspiration from our incredible WELLNESS VILLAGE community of professionals.  Our communication will be FAST, EFFICIENT  and RELEVANT TO EVERYONE WE TOUCH. Moving to a more progressive system of sharing our information, touching more lives, and helping more people find “Ultimate Quality of Life” for themselves, or their loved one is our goal. With your help our vision and goal will quickly be realized. We look forward to your participation and ask you to provide us with whatever input and/or feedback you can give to make our forums the best for YOU. This issue contains valuable information and PROvocative questions starting with WE ARE JUST A BAG OF BONES by Kim L. Hartz, LMT, WABA; AROMATHERAPY FOR PARKINSON’S by Renee Gauthier, RPT, MPH; GOODBYE DIAPERS, HELLO GEEWHIZ® by Matthew Dwork; MEDICATION SIDE EFFECTS; INSPIRATIONALS; and IS YOUR NEUROLOGIST CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR VITAMIN AND MINERAL LEVELS?

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19th. Shop at and Amazon will donate to Parkinson’s Resource Organization. Your CAPITAL CAMPAIGN request letter will be arriving soon. Your generosity will allow us to quickly implement our new projects and move toward a whole new level of outreach and support within the Parkinson’s community. Helping more people with Parkinson’s and their families than we’ve ever helped before is a mighty goal. With your help, it will happen… Please and THANK YOU in advance. Join us in making a difference in your life or the life of a loved one this MONTH by making a donation. Supporting us is simple: Make monthly donations through our safe PayPal donation page or mail your donation to our office in Palm Desert, California.

Until next month, REMEMBER D-Day, WWII on the 6th along with the beginning of Ramadan, Flag Day on the 14th, Father’s Day on the 19th, and the Summer Solstice.

Love, Jo Rosen

Founder & President

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