Hi Jo,

Thank you for meeting up with my parents and myself. During that short time that I was there, I realized my parents were way over their heads. Their insurance is a mess. My Dad’s doctors/medications/help is a mess. I have decided I am going to have to come there and help them out to get things straightened out. I have a nice 5th wheel that I can bring down and hopefully find a reasonable place to park it and stay for a year or so to get them on track. 

I just wanted to let you know my brother might contact you. My Dad’s neurologist appointment is on April 15th and Danny is going to take him. I had no idea, but my Dad’s last appointment with him was in 2018! Can you believe that? So, it will be like his first appointment. I will have a list for my brother of things to ask, to request, and to get. If you have a list of suggestions for him to take to the appointment that will be great too. I will also suggest my brother go to The Leaf and see what could help.

I also got an appointment with Dr. L on May 17th. Guess what? The doctor is very nearby my parent’s home. My mom couldn’t drive to Palm Springs and now she doesn’t have to. I just picked up a phone from California Phones and will get that mailed off to my Dad. 

While I was there, I collected medications that my Dad had. He was not taking any of the regular ones. One he thought was for cancer and it was for heartburn! My grandson typed out the list of all of them and said what they were for. Now they will have that to take to Dad’s appointments. 

I got my other brother David looking for a mini pedal exercise thing to put by his chair so he can put his feet in and pedal. Of course, one of the things on my list is to get a prescription for therapy. 

Accepting that my Dad will not recover from this and making his time full of quality is a gift you gave us all. Jo, you pulled him from the crack and put us all on safe ground. If it was not for you and your organization... I just don’t know. How I can ever thank you just will be impossible. Thank You.

Always grateful,

Kathy B

No. Cal


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Updated: August 16, 2017