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LSVT BIG Therapy Program

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What is LSVT? LSVT BIG is an individually customized therapy program that provides quality gross motor movement exercises. These exercises promote improved movements needed for balance, walking, posture, strength, endurance, and independence with daily activities. LSVT BIG assists individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s in “recalibrating,” how they perceive their movements with what others see. It also teaches individuals how and when to apply extra effort to produce bigger motions; more like the movements of everyone around them. 

Who can benefit from LSVT BIG therapy and what are the benefits? LSVT can assist patients with mild, moderate, and advanced Parkinson’s. It can also benefit people who have Atypical Parkinson’s disease, dementia, and other neurological and cognitive impairments.  

The benefits of LSVT include but are not limited to:

Improved quality of movements

Reduced secondary complications, including falls

Greater range of motion and strength

Increased endurance to engage in self-care tasks/activities of leisure 

Improved overall quality of life

LSVT BIG trains people with Parkinson’s to use their body more normally. People living with Parkinson’s or other neurological conditions often move differently, with gestures and actions that become smaller and slower. They may have trouble with getting around, getting dressed and with other activities of daily living. LSVT BIG effectively trains improved movements for any activity, whether “small motor” tasks like buttoning a shirt or “large motor” tasks like getting up from sofa or chair or maintaining balance while walking. The treatment improves walking, self-care and other tasks by helping people “recalibrate” how they perceive their movements with what others actually see. It also teaches them how and when to apply extra effort to produce bigger motions – more like the movements of everyone around them.

Because LSVT BIG treatment is customized to each person’s specific needs and goals, it can help regardless of the stage or severity of your condition. That said, the treatment may be most effective in early or middle stages of your condition, when you can both improve function and potentially slow further symptom progression. Beginning your work with LSVT BIG before you’ve noticed significant problems with balance, mobility or posture will often lead to the best results, but it’s never too late to start. LSVT BIG can produce significant improvements even for people facing considerable physical difficulties.

Since September 2021, Cornish Therapy Works has been a member of the Wellness Village at Join them at the PRO “Movement: Use it or Lose It” Zoom classes (check the Calendar on page 8) twice a month. Cornish Therapy Works can be found throughout the Coachella Valley where they have: 

One-on-One: Cornish Therapy Works provides personalized, one-on-one, therapeutic care which will help you achieve a happier, healthier, and higher quality of life. 

Licensed Therapists: Each therapy session is provided by a fully licensed and certified therapist, not therapy aids. 

Reputation: The founders of Cornish Physical Therapy, Dwight and Jeannie Cornish, have been a tried-and-true therapy team in the Coachella Valley for over 40 years, maintaining their mission to provide high quality therapy to everyone they serve.


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Updated: August 16, 2017