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Scientists at RUMC confirmed the drug did bind to primates’ Parkinson’s lesions opening up the door for testing ICBI’s Parkinson’s drug first in primates and then in humans.”

Last month while talking to Dr. Ram S. Bhatt, PhD, Chief Scientist and CEO of ICBI he said, “The first, in the next phase of testing, is seeing if the α-synuclein-SMART Molecule adheres to or binds to the brain tissues of Parkinson’s like primates”.

The Company, in collaboration with the Rush University Medical Center (RUMC) in Illinois, confirmed the binding affinity of its α-synuclein-SMART Molecule, one of the drugs for treating Parkinson’s-disease, with the brain tissues of Parkinson’s-like primates. Any drug capable of correcting the disease must have affinity for the disease causing pathogenic protein(s). If scientists cannot demonstrate the binding to a pathogen in laboratory experiments in a petri dish, the drug cannot possibly bind to its targeted pathogen in the brain when administered via an intravenous route. Fortunately, according to the experiments conducted by the scientists at RUMC, the drug did bind to primates’ Parkinson’s lesions opening the door for testing ICBI’s Parkinson’s drug first in primates and then in humans.

Slowly but surely, the San Diego Biotech Company continues to keep advancing its research forward and bringing it closer to a final product to be tested in human patients. Since ICBI technology solves what has been perceived for centuries as an insurmountable medical problem due to the impermeability of the blood-brain barrier (BBB), the scientists can now focus on developing and optimizing drugs for halting and correcting Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. In the new historical paradigm, drugs won’t fail because they cannot reach the brain. For centuries, curative drugs not reaching the brain has been the obstacle.

For the first time ever in the history of medical sciences, since the biggest hurdle due to the impermeability of the BBB no longer exists, ICBI technology offers a real potential for early diagnosis and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

In April 2014 on the #PARKINSON’S ROAD TO THE CURE, PRO proudly unveiled the SDBC’s name, introducing ICBI, their scientists and their historic work to the Parkinson’s world. This remarkable science continues as they help you understand the never-before-possible, “real time” imaging of the proteins causing Parkinson’s in the brain of live mice, and now primates.

We invite you to contact us or them if you want information about supporting or investing in The Parkinson’s Road To The Cure. We would be proud to make this important introduction and we continue to salute our scientists as they forge ahead!

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