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The month of May has the energy to help us reach our goals and hearts desires. Through the breezes and tides, May carries with it a second chance.  MAY you always be the happiest person you can be. On March 1, we installed our Director of Development, Dan Ball, and on April 12th we had our Ball Goes PRO event, which, in a few words, was an EPIC success and a monumental undertaking. In just 42 DAYS, we hosted over 400 people, raised awareness about Parkinson’s to a brand-new audience and experienced the generosity and support of many new sponsors. The monies raised will propel us forward as we continue our mission of helping those with Parkinson’s, their families and caregivers. The audience was awe struck and deeply moved by the personal testimony of Cheryl Epstein and her daughter and caregiver Sophie (age 17) Cheryl is only 58 years old and has suffered Parkinson’s Disease for more than 14 years. The microphone and lights went to them rather than them walking on stage as Cheryl, experiencing and unwelcome dyskinesia rampant, shared her personal message of gratitude and overwhelming love for Jo Rosen and the help provided by PRO.

You could have heard a pin drop during their determined and uplifting message. Their words and their bravery brought the audience to tears. The blessing in this story is that an entirely new audience witnessed the wrath of Parkinson’s disease. It needs to be shared that Cheryl and her children: Sophie 17 and Luke 15 manage their daily lives with grace and poise, going to school, managing daily chores while also being solely in charge of her care. Be sure to visit our Facebook or event photos and details of her speech.

The drive continues as we commit to the #YearOfTheCure. This month check out why stem cell may NOT be the answer, as we provide you with “real time” science covered in our ROAD TO THE CURE . The scientists are making tremendous strides in bringing the Road to the Cure to fruition. We proudly bring you an article from our newest Wellness Villagers, including informative news such as WHAT IS NEUROFEEDBACK & NEUROPTIMAL® BRAIN-TRAINING? and POSITIVE THINKING FOR HEALTHY LIVING by Madeline R. Vann, MPH. Plus,we’ve added 10 THINGS PEOPLE WITH DEMENTIA MIGHT SAY AND HOW TO RESPOND by Esther Heerema, MSW, and the inspirational COLONEL SANDERS | KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN  (this one could be meant for me). Thank you for your tax-deductible donations, giving us the opportunity to help MORE: to help MORE people, MORE often, MORE timely, with MORE information in a MORE compassionate way.

We know we are providing valuable information and support in the Parkinson’s community, we continue to appreciate your monthly or general donations through our safe PayPal donation page or by mail to our office in Palm Desert, CA.

Until next month, REMEMBER May Day on the 1st, Cinco De Mayo on the 5th Kentucky Derby on the 6th, Mother’s Day is on the 14th, Armed Forces Day on the 20th, National Brother’s Day in on the 24th, and Memorial Day will be celebrated on the 29th. The flowers are Lily of the Valley & Hawthorn and the Birthstone is the Emerald. You might also take note that May is National Physical Fitness and Sports. Keep up your workouts. ALWAYS remember to CELEBRATE YOU and PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS!

Love, Jo Rosen

Founder & President

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Updated: August 16, 2017