Message from the President - August 2022

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August is here, and with it the dog days of summer. Hot days and slowly lengthening nights—the imperative is to slow down, soak up your energy, begin to gather your resources, and prepare for autumn. 

Here at PRO, we’ve been busy as bees preparing for an exciting fall season with a return to our full support group schedule, a brisket competition, exciting updates to our Wellness Village Resource Directory… but I’m getting ahead of myself. 

We’re still in August. August is Summer. Enjoy what’s left of your summer, take time to appreciate the abundance of life all around you... or take heart (for those of us in The Desert) we’re closer than we were to the return of cool temps.

This month you should want to check out UPDATE ON THE ROAD TO THE CURE on this page. Other neat articles are DEMYSTIFYING REVERSE MORTGAGE on page 2; THE DEATH OF BEES on page 3; MORE ABOUT HIRING CAREGIVERS: From an Insider’s Point of View on page 4; IF YOU ARE 60 YEARS OR OLDER on page 5; HIGH STAKES FUNDRAISING CHALLENGE on page 6; HELPFUL CAREGIVER INTERVIEW QUESTIONS on page 6; BITS AND PIECES: PRO’s SUMMER SCHEDULE also on page 6, and; SAVE THE DATE: PRO’s INAUGURAL BRISK OFF on page 7.

Thank you. In addition to donating, join us in becoming a key part of our efforts, contact us to “Get Involved” at Without YOU, we could never do all that we do. 

Until next month, REMEMBER Friendship and Purple Heart Day on the 7th, National Relaxation Day on the 15th, Ukraine Independence Day on the 24th, and National Beach Day on the 30th. The flowers are the Poppy and Gladiolus and the Birthstone, Peridot. 



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