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“Our Heart Beats for YOU”

A beating “HEART” is Life itself. A broken HEART is what we feel when a loved one is taken from us all too soon and a Passion filled HEART drives us to do great things, to make big changes and help others on their personal and so private journey of the progression of Parkinson’s in their lives.

The team at PRO dedicates its heart to serving others so that “No one is isolated because of Parkinson’s.”

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to express our LOVE for the Parkinson’s community, our PASSION for our cause and our WISH that some day soon no one will ever again experience the loss and broken heartedness from losing a loved one to Parkinson’s.  

Helping find new ways to obtain a better quality of life for our members as we monitor and support research and scientific strides toward the “reversal” of the disease process, we invite you to follow the “Road to the Cure” and eradicate such stories as “When Friends Stop Visiting Everyone Loses.”

From our heart to yours, we love you and so appreciate your interest, support and encouragement and wish you and yours a very Happy Valentine’s Day.

Be sure to read this month’s articles. Each designed to give you hope, enlightenment and helpful information to use in your quest for “Ultimate Quality of Life.”  

We ♥ The UPDATE ON THE ROAD TO THE CURE which is typically posted; however with exciting things happening at ICBI and with travel necessities this month’s article was taken off schedule. Enjoy our other PROvocative and informative news such as 9 REALLY IMPORTANT MONEY QUESTIONS TO ASK MOM AND DAD or yourself if you are the Mom and Dad;  BUILDING A BALANCED EXERCISE PLAN By Leann Dale, 11 ICKY BUT INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT POOP, POTENTIAL CONTAMINANTS IN CBD AND THC OILS; and our Inspirational, LEARNING WHAT’S MOST IMPORTANT.


Join us in making a difference in your life or the life of a loved one this MONTH by donating. Supporting us is simple: Make monthly donations through our safe PayPal donation page at or mail your donation to our office in Palm Desert, CA.

Until next month, REMEMBER National Wear Red Day on the 1st, Groundhog Day on the 2nd, Super Bowl Sunday on the 3rd, Chinese New Year on the 5th, Valentine’s Day on the 14th, Presidents' Day on the 18th, and National Love Your Pet Day on the 28th. The flower is the Violet and the Birthstone is the Amethyst. ALWAYS remember to CELEBRATE YOU and PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS!  

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Updated: August 16, 2017