Message from the President - July 2023

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Happy July! This time of year, as we gear up to celebrate the Fourth of July, I often find myself thinking about independence. For caregivers and people with Parkinson’s, the word might have very different connotations, but the concept can be bittersweet as we grapple with mobility issues, caregiver responsibilities, evolving expectations about our future, even financial concerns as we confront the high cost of medical and in-home care. 

It’s important to remember that you can maintain independence even as you rely on other people. Building systems of external support is just as important as building systems of internal support, like exercise to maintain mobility and mindfulness practices to maintain emotional equilibrium. Independence doesn’t have to mean self-sufficiency. What support structures do you have in your life to help you carve out moments of independence? 

One way to build a support structure is to visit the Wellness Village Resource Directory on our website. This virtual directory is full of providers and services to help you maintain your independence and cultivate peace of mind so you can live with the highest quality of life. Equipment like IndeeLift can help you recover from an at-home fall. Dependable Daughter is here to help you navigate incontinence. Physical therapists can help you stay mobile longer. The list goes on. Check it out on page 2. 

Also in this month’s newsletter, enjoy articles including UPDATE ON THE ROAD TO THE CURE on this page. Check out HYPNOSIS FOR CHRONIC PAIN on page 2; SEVEN WAYS TO GET STARTED WITH MEDITATION on page 3; SUMMER SAFETY TIPS FOR SENIORS on page 4; CAREGIVER CRISIS on page 5; YOU DON’T DIE OF PARKINSON’S on page 6, and; ARE YOU TRAVELING THIS SUMMER? also on page 6.

Thank you for all you do for PRO. Your donations keep us whole. Until next month, REMEMBER Independence Day on the 4th, Bastille Day on the 14th, National Self Care Day on the 24th, and National Disability Independence Day on the 26th. The flower is the Larkspur and the birthstone is the Ruby. 



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Updated: August 16, 2017