Michael Lu to pass “21st Duck” torch at Anaheim Ducks opener · Parkinson's Resource Organization

Michael Lu to pass “21st Duck” torch at Anaheim Ducks home opener



Michael Lu to pass “21st Duck” torch at Anaheim Ducks home opener

Special tickets to benefit Parkinson’s Resource Organization


September 26, 2019 - Palm Desert, Calif - Parkinson’s Resource Organization’s Board Member, Michael Lu, who was honored as the 2018 Anaheim Duck’s “21st Duck”, will pass the torch on Thursday, October 3, 2019 in the club's home opener. The Ducks will continue the tradition of creating a spot on their Opening Night Roster for the “21st Duck”. The honor is earned by a Ducks fan who embodies characteristics such as great perseverance, character, courage and inspiration who is making significant contributions to our community.


The Anaheim Ducks are offering $5 per ticket sold to go back to Parkinson’s Resource Organization as a fundraiser for the organization by purchasing online at http://anaheimducks.com/parkinsons.


Michael, 30, was raised playing roller and ice hockey since age four in the Jr. Ducks program. He continued playing locally until being stricken with Parkinson's in 2017. Even though he cannot play at the level he once did, he works as a hockey instructor in the Ducks Learn to Play Program, where he helps grow children's hockey skills and love for the game. Michael is also studying toward his Master's Degree in Educational Psychology to counsel children with disabilities. Michael is optimistic and hopeful about life and his journey with Parkinson's. He works with the nonprofit organization Parkinson's Resource Organization as a member of the Board of Directors, and is making it his mission to take his diagnosis to help raise awareness for Parkinson's to find a cure. Michael's goal is to help inspire those with Parkinson's, and demonstrate that the disease does not define him.



About Parkinson’s Resource Organization

Since 1990, Parkinson’s Resource Organization (PRO) has served countless people caring for and living with Parkinson’s disease, a disorder of the central nervous system which affects movement, often including tremors. Founder Jo Rosen was the adult child of a person living with Parkinson’s and later a spouse of a person with Parkinson’s. She was inspired to create an organization that would advocate for, educate and provide emotional support for families affected by Parkinson’s. Now known worldwide with an online Wellness Village providing resources for, among others, Legal, Insurance, Financial Planning, Caregiving and Care Management, Medical Professionals, Hospice and Science as well as a monthly newsletter and support meetings throughout Southern California. They are working so no one is isolated because of Parkinson’s and working to find choices in creating the ultimate quality of life. For more information, visit: www.parkinsonsresource.org.


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