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Hospice developed in the US with a team approach at the core. We work as a team with Nurses, Social Workers, Chaplains, Physicians, and Home Health Aides all working together to serve the needs of the patient and their support system. The team allows us to provide support that meets many more of the needs of the client than other healthcare systems. Before 2012 Medicare had no role for nurse practitioners in the hospice process, but they added a periodic visit after patients have been in hospice for six months. Physicians or Nurse Practitioners could accomplish the six-month visit, and thus, Nurse Practitioners became part of the team.

     In my education as a nurse and nurse practitioner we had focused on dealing with the whole person in our care, and in Hospice I have been able to do this more than any other role I have seen. One of the best benefits I have seen with the team process is the blending of our strengths and insights. A team approach brings the strengths of each discipline together with more service to provide a very patient-focused type of care. Nurse practitioners bring a blend of the nursing strengths to the medical knowledge of the physicians.

     I have been fortunate to work with a variety of teams to learn about many ways to serve the needs of the patient and their family. If, we have the opportunity to serve you or your family I know you will find hospice is a lot different than most of the rest of the healthcare system. We replace technology with a focus on the whole person and work to learn your goals and find ways to reach those goals best.

     Find Family Hospice Care in the Wellness Village. Members since July 22, 2015, Family Hospice Care believes and promotes that each of us has the right to die comfortably in our home while receiving the necessary care to maintain dignity.

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Updated: August 16, 2017