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Fall is here and our thoughts begin to focus on the Holidays.  May I be one of the first to wish our Parkinson's community a joyous year end.

November is National Caregiver Month.  A great time to acknowledging family caregivers. They need to be acknowledged every day, but during the month of November, let's give them a little bit more recognition and acknowledgment. Without them, this community would really be in trouble.

We continue our data gathering efforts in the line between TMJ and Parkinson's. Thank you to all who have participated in the questionnaire. For those interested in participating. download the questionnaire in the newsletter PDF fill it out and send it in! Would love to hear from you. The visual needs of the Parkinsons patient are very unique. Read the article and become better informed.

We continue to populate the WELLNESS VILLAGE Increasingly becoming a valuable single destination full of dedicated professionals eager to help those with Parkinson's their families and caregivers.

I am excitingly looking forward to going to Boston to accept my National Elder Leadership Award from the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. I will be rooting for you as I humbly accept my award and then tell them about you, about PRO and the work we do and how they can help.

Thank you for remembering we need your donations. Please continue using the mailing address: 74-478 Highway 111, No. 102, Palm Desert, CA 92260 when making snail mail donations or make donations on line through our secure Website.

Of tremendous importance to those on Social Security Disability, check out, FAST-TRACKED SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY LIST EXPANDS AGAIN on page 3.

Until next month REMEMBER to turn your clocks back on November 6th, REMEMBER to VOTE on November 8th, REMEMBER me on November 11th when I will be accepting my award in Boston and as we pay homage to our Veterans, and REMEMBER to celebrate safely and GIVE THANKS on November 24th, Thanksgiving Day. CELEBRATE YOU and PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS!

Thank you to all of you for remembering my birthday. It is one of my most important days of the year. The NAELA Award (page 5) was one of the gifts I received by phone that day.

Until next month we hope you safely celebrate Yom Kippur, National Boss’ Day, United Nations Day, Halloween and CELEBRATE YOU. PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS

Love, Jo Rosen

Founder & President

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