Parkinson's Caregivers and Mealtime

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Jose Rauda and Randy Schellenberg, Comfortek: Parkinson’s Seating Specialist

Why do dining chairs need to swivel-lock… turn… roll…and brake for safety?

Mealtimes can be especially challenging for persons living with Parkinson’s as often they are at risk of falling due to the neurological disorder which causes uncontrolled movements including shaking, stiffness and difficulty with balance and coordination. Caregivers, including a spouse/family members experience increased stress and anxiety as they are constantly monitoring a loved one’s actions.  Any attempt by their loved one to get seated on their own is likely to result in a fall and/or injury. Mealtime challenges include:

Getting seated safely in a chair: It is not uncommon for a person with Parkinson’s to bump into furniture while attempting to get seated in a chair.  This can have disastrous results as any unintended contact with the chair can cause the chair to move unexpectedly resulting in a fall or injury;

Being moved safely up-to and away-from the table: Once seated, the physical demands required of the care provider to move a seated person up to the table can be exhausting.  Any activity which involves pushing, pulling, shoving and twisting of a seated person can also increase a caregiver’s risk of incurring an injury/fall. 

Dining chairs that Swivel-Lock... Turn... Roll... and Brake for safety:

  • eliminate the need for the caregiver to push-pull-shove-twist when assisting a loved one up to the table;

  • reduce mealtime stress and anxiety for both the seated person and the caregiver;

  • create a more enjoyable mealtime routine;

  • provide an increased sense of dignity and self-worth to persons living with Parkinson’s!

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Learn more about Comfortek: Parkinson’s Seating Specialist by visiting their page in the Wellness Village, where they became members in January, 2023.

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Updated: August 16, 2017