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Parkinson's Resource Organization Tribute - June 2022

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Roberta “Bobbie” Boberski

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in May 2016 – Happy 76th Birthday, Bobbie. I was told that I was lucky because Parkinson’s was in the early onset stage and that I got it at an older age. I didn’t feel very lucky so I proceeded to do as much research as I could on the disease. I quickly realized there were no definite or pat answers to my questions. 

In June my primary care doctor gave me an informational pamphlet about Parkinson’s Resource Organization (PRO). I called and had a lengthy telephone conversation with Jo Rosen, the founder and president. At that time the support group meetings and the informational meetings were suspended for the summer. Jo did put me on the mailing list for the monthly newsletters, which are full of helpful “nuggets” of information. 

By attending the meetings when they resumed, I quickly started learning ways to “live” with Parkinson’s. The objective is to have the best quality of life and not let Parkinson’s define who we are. The most important self-help method is exercise and luckily, I was an active member of a gym. When the gyms closed due to COVID-19 pandemic mandates, I devised two at-home exercise routines. They included stretching, strength, cardio, and numerous balance exercises. Thanks to regularly exercising, the Parkinson’s symptoms related to tremors, mobility, and balance have diminished. 

PRO remained active during the pandemic by having virtual meetings using the Zoom platform. Prior to the pandemic, PRO offered in-person support group meetings for Parkinson’s patients and for caregivers, and informational meetings hosted by members of the Wellness Village. These meetings were held throughout Southern California. The virtual meetings have been expanded to include exercise, grief, and meditation. The attendees are from around the globe. 

I have utilized PRO’s services for the past six years. I feel my quality of life is considerably better than it would have been had I not participated. When I was diagnosed my first reaction was to start withdrawing from my daily routine, and PRO said NO! 

I am a firm believer in PRO’s motto: “Working so no one is isolated because of Parkinson’s.”

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