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Welcome to the PDG Strong team page! Team Captain Barbara Kelly formed the team in honor of her brother, Bill Kelly, who sadly passed away on March 7, 2017 after a 25-year journey with Parkinson's. Scroll through to learn more about our team and click the buttons below to join our team or donate! 


Barbara Kelly (Team Captain)
"My brother Bill suffered with Parkinson's for 25 years. I am walking to honor his memory."

Pedie Vinson

Veda Casper

Laura Truax
"This is Barbara Kelly's passion, therefore it's mine also."

Mit Truax

Kathy Ward
"I live in a community where many of our seniors are affected by this disease."

Mary Gearin

Jan Parker Cortini
"To support Parkinson’s"

Elizabeth Dixon

Jane Pennington
"I am walking to remember Norma Sampson, the heart and sole of our team, and Bill Kelly of the Philadelphia Kellys."

C. Rose Miles
"Believe in the work."

Margaret O'Brien

Carol Venable
"Friends have died from this disease."

Mary Hale

Erma Hanks
"Barbara Kelly is a friend, and when I heard her story re: Parkinson's in her family I want to support her in this important effort. "

Francine Lauderdale

Carol Schaefer
"I am supporting Barbara Kelly."

John Horner

Ginny Horner

Fred Grieder

Cheryl McCullough Fredlender

Bobbi Matarazzo
"Worthy cause."

Cindy Fetty

Norma Sampson

Alina Baird
"This is an ongoing health issue."

Kathy Kellis 

Linda Landsdowne

Jeri Johnson

Allen Carter
"A great cause!"

Don & Janis Wolsey


Pat Gross 
"Be strong, hopefully they will finda cure."

Linda Venuti 

Mary Doran 
"Thanks to Barbara Kelly and friends for honoring our brother ands upporting those who help those with Parkinson's challenges."

Nancy Newlin 
"You go gals!"

Robert Kelly 
"Thanks for your efforts towards eliminating this nasty disease."

Jo Ann Sharrar 

Patrick & Jennie Doran 
"Thank you for doing this!"

Amy Miller 

Laurie Martin 

Linda Pelletier

Kathleen McAuley 
"Great cause y'all are walking for! Congrats!"

Lori Reynolds 

Sheila Kelly 

Michelle Maffei 

David Pennington 

Kay Guidry 
"My mother, Phyllis DeLong, passed away from Parkinson's so it is a cause very near to my heart."

Mary Thelma Norris 
My sister, Jane Pennington, and several friends are participating but I can't because I'm in Georgia."

Janice Bell 

Betty King 

Carol Wozniakdobson 

John & Linda Olsen 

Carol Jasnosz 


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Updated: August 16, 2017