Roses for Rosen 2022


We’re celebrating a very special birthday this month! Our fearless leader Jo Rosen turns [redacted] – and while she doesn’t love the number, Jo knows another turn around the sun is always worth celebrating. Join us in wishing Jo the happiest of birthdays by sharing a sentiment and purchasing a (virtual) birthday rose through our 9th annual Roses for Rosen birthday fundraiser via the form below. Your ongoing support of Parkinson’s Resource Organization is the greatest gift Jo could ask for!

Sentiments for Jo


Jo, Today it's all about YOU, so please take time to enjoy your special day. Warmest wishes,

— Wende W., Sep 1, 2022


You are a wonderful blessing to all of us, you are someone we can easily talk to, open up to, smile with, and have wonderfully warm conversations with. Thank you for being there with your heart and smile.

— Rico and Marcia T., Sep 13, 2022


Jo Rosen, you are an unrepeatable miracle of God. Thank you for caring so much and working tirelessly for our PD peeps. And have a marvelous birthday, because YOU LOOK MARVELOUS!

— Ann M., Sep 13, 2022


Jo, you are special to me. Wish this could be more. With love,

— Jan, Sep 13, 2022


Happy Birthday Jo. Thanks for all you do.

— Linda S., Sep 13, 2022


Jo, you have become my rock through this trying time. Thank you so much for being there.

— Linda Z., Sep 14, 2022


Happy Happy Birthday to a tireless giver of love.

— Anonymous, Sep 14, 2022


To the woman who told me that Parkinson's is not a death sentence. To the woman who told me that Parkinson's is an individual journey. To the woman who has more nuggets than McDonalds. To the woman who leaves a smile on everyone faces. To the woman who redefines the word support. To the the woman...I'm starting to get writer's cramp...To the woman who told me that I would come out on the other side- And I did! Happy Birthday, Jo. Love, Lloyd

— Lloyd, Sep 14, 2022


Happy birthday jo. Have a great one.

— Jackie, Sep 13, 2022


You are a shining star in all of our lives, thank you for all your hard work and support.

— Barbara B., Sep 14, 2022


My very best Birthday Wishes to Jo! I look forward to getting to know her better and learn from her! Much joy to you.

— Patricia F., Sep 14, 2022


Happy Birthday Jo -- and many more

— anonymous, Sep 16, 2022


I just want to also take this opportunity to wish you a happy, healthy, and meaningful Shana Tova! best wishes,

— Phyllis L., Sep 17, 2022


Happy Birthday

— Guoping L., Sep 16, 2022


Dear Jo, You are a blessing. Have a wonderful birthday!

— Phyllis L., Sep 21, 2022


You continue to be the bright shining star always encouraging and informing all of us. May you be blessed with lots of love, health and happiness. XO

— Janell S., Sep 21, 2022


Jo keep up your amazing career. May your birthday be filled with many many virtual roses.

— Anonymous, Sep 21, 2022


Happy Birthday, Jo. Love,

— Pat, Sep 21, 2022


With kind thoughts of all that cross her path, wishing she could be with us forever. But alas she, like Don Quixote, will find new windmills to joust with as she leaves her marks along a restless way. Love you for being on my road. Love,

— Michael & Ellen, Sep 21, 2022


Jo, Happy Birthday to you

— Anonymous, Sep 21, 2022


Happy Birthday dear Jo! You are the Rose of the desert! Best,

— Farzin D., Acorda Therapeutics, Sep 22, 2022


Jo, Take in some sunshine today. Enjoy the nature around you and smile.

— Linda M., Sep 23, 2022


Happy birthday lovely lady, thank you for all you do. Enjoy YOUR day!

— Claudette C., Sep 23, 2022


Happy Birthday Jo! I'm so grateful to have found your wonderful organization. Thank you for your kindness, you are a blessing in all our lives!

— Lisa W., Sep 23, 2022


Happy Birthday, Jo!!

— Kate S., Sep 26, 2022


Happy Birthday, Jo. I hope you have a great, fun day.

— Carolyn R., Sep 26, 2022


Happy Birthday, Jo. Hope you have an awesome day!

— Jason O., Sep 26, 2022


Happy Birthday!!!

— Rosalin S., Sep 26, 2022


Happy Birthday!

— Tim P., Sep 26, 2022


Happy Birthday!

— Glen W., Sep 26, 2022


Happy Birthday!

— Sanjeeta M., Sep 26, 2022


Happy Birthday!

— Purnima P., Sep 26, 2022


Happy birthday! Wishing you the very best. Thank you for ALL you do for the community.

— Paul Q., Sep 26, 2022


Happy birthday! Suzanne and I send you love and best wishes for your health and well-being! Happy Birthday!

— Stephen M., Sep 26, 2022


Dear Jo, Geoffrey and I wish you Many Happy and Healthy returns of your Birthday! Congratulations on all your great work.

— Lucille and Geoffrey Leader, London, Sep 26, 2022


Hi Jo! I just wanted to reach out and wish you a very happy birthday. Have a beautiful day!

— Tim R., Sep 26, 2022


Happy Birthday Jo. My dad's been gone a long time, but I know the meetings were helpful to my family. Thank you.

— Anonymous, Sep 26, 2022


Happy Birthday and thanks Jo for all that you do for PRO.

— Rix R., Sep 26, 2022


Happy Birthday, Jo!! May God bless you for your faithful efforts these past 33 years. Though I have only met you once on a Zoom Round Table meeting, I am sure you are making, and have made a difference in the lives of probably thousands with the encouragement, resources, and information you have shared. Thank you!

— Kristy O., Sep 26, 2022


Wishing you the very best today & always. You are a Blessing to us all.

— Victor & Diane V., Sep 26, 2022


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU You're amazing. Love,

— Karen K., Sep 26, 2022


Happy Healthy Birthday! Jo

— Jacqueline M., author of "Elder Rage", Sep 26, 2022


Happy Birthday!

— Michael E., Sep 26, 2022


Happy Birthday!

— Kevin M., Sep 26, 2022


Happy Birthday, Jo!

— Robin B., Sep 26, 2022


Happy Birthday, Aunt Jo Rosen Hope you have an amazing day!!

— Mike H. and family, Sep 26, 2022


From Hazel Louise and me, wishing sweet Jo a very Happy Birthday.

— Rachel D., Sep 26, 2022


Happy birthday!

— Marcia A-L, Sep 26, 2022


Happy birthday!

— Terry C., Sep 26, 2022


Happy birthday Jo. I hope it's the best!!!!

— Joyce CW, Sep 26, 2022


Happy birthday, Jo! You are loved

— D Mack, Sep 26, 2022


Dear Jo, May all your birthday wishes come true! You deserve them all. May you live to experience many, many more birthday celebrations. We need you! Best regards,

— Lana, Sep 26, 2022


p style="margin-left:0in; margin-right:0in">Happy Beautiful Birthday Jo!!! What an incredible life and huge impact YOU have made for Parkinson’s Resource and all those who suffer from this terrible disease, as you well know! Know in your huge and gracious Heart that YOU are celebrated each day by all different people who are living an easier life because of your life’s dedication to finding the resources and offering them to the Parkinson’s family!! YOU are amazing women indeed and I celebrate your birth day and honor you always!! Well done dear friend, well done!!!

— Laura Palmer, Executive Board Utah Council for Crime Prevention, Sep 26, 2022


Dear Jo, Happy belated birthday! Hope your celebration was wonderful. I apologize for not sending something yesterday. Septembers are always hard for me. In addition to losing my parents that month (29 years ago!), I lost a dear friend 23 years ago, and Curt's brother, who passed in April, would have celebrated his 62nd birthday last week. It was a very somber month...But a joyous one too, thanks to it being your natal month! Curt and I wish you a great year. We will continue to support PRO as we can. Our best,

— Sharon K. and Curt S., Sep 27, 2022


Hope you had a great day on your birthday

— Pat K., Sep 27, 2022


Happy belated birthday Jo

— Leighton G., Sep 27, 2022


Ms. Jo Rosen is Celebrating Her Birthday!!! May All Your Wishes Come True Jo!!! You Do So Very Much For So Many and I Wish You The Best Today and Everyday! Happy, Happy Birthday My Friend.................

— Angie H., Sep 27, 2022


Sending an abundance of LOVE nd richest blessings on your birthday and every day, dearest Jo! You're so special to me and I love you very much!

— Lisa Ann M., Sep 27, 2022


"Happy Birthday" Dear Jo! Best Wishes For A Wonderful Birthday And a Wonderful Day!

— Pam M., Sep 27, 2022


Happy Birthday

— Wesley E., Sep 27, 2022


Happy birthday

— Wilson M., Sep 27, 2022


Have a great day as a great person.

— Glendon G., Sep 27, 2022


Happy Birthday, Jo!

— Cindy WB, Sep 27, 2022


Happy Birthday, Jo. Wishing you a blessed day and many more birthdays to come. Celebrate with gusto. XO

— Carol WS, Sep 27, 2022


Happy Birthday, Jo!

— Dr. Ed L., Sep 27, 2022


Happy Birthday, Jo!

— Sheryl T., Sep 27, 2022


Happy Birthday, Jo!

— Kathy S., Sep 27, 2022


Happy Birthday!

— Bruce H., Sep 27, 2022


Happy Birthday!

— Richard H., Sep 27, 2022


Happy Birthday Jo have a great day

— Barry B., Sep 27, 2022


Happy Birthday

— Pattie C., Sep 27, 2022


Happy Birthday Jo

— Mary Ann R., Sep 27, 2022


Happy Birthday, Jo!

— Lori R., Sep 27, 2022


Happy birthdays

— Robert J., Sep 27, 2022


Happy Birthday, Jo!!

— Blair S., Sep 27, 2022


Happy Birthday, Jo!

— Tom H., Sep 27, 2022


Hi Jo, Happy Healthy Humorous Prosperous Adventurous, and Stress-Less Birthday YEAR+! And thanks again for your support of my Alzheimer's work!

— Jacqueline M., Sep 27, 2022


Happy, Happy Birthday

— Janice R., Sep 27, 2022


Have a wonderful Birthday, Jo...enjoy life Aloha,

— Dan E., Sep 27, 2022


Happy birthday, Jo - a few days ago... At least I got to you before the end of the month. Enjoy!

— Janet M., Oct 1, 2022


Happy Birthday, Jo! Hope that you had a wonderful blessed day. Hope to see you at the luncheon this Wednesday

— Mario H., Oct 1, 2022


Tanti auguri di buon compleanno

— Tommaso R., Oct 1, 2022


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