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It is time to view the medical world differently. The following information is a “sign of the times” in health and medicine. Ask yourself, “How is my health”? Are you healthier now than five years ago? Does your doctor give you enough time when you see him or her? Do they answer your questions with the vocabulary you understand? Do you know how and what questions to ask? Do you know the side effects of the medications you take and the over the counter items you take? Now sit down and read this article out loud and avoid becoming shocked like we were when we found out the following information.

I am going to tell you a few stories. I know these stories because I am friends with women that have become, in a way, caregivers for each other or just concerned about each other’s health and well-being. We share information to keep each other healthy so we can remain friends for a very long time. This is what friends are for, just like the song says. The first story involves a friend that joined us on our girl’s weekend. One of our friends noted that this friend’s eyes were yellow. It turned out that when she went to her doctor he admitted her to the hospital and diagnosed her with pancreatic cancer. The friend that noted the yellow in her eyes, saved her life. She is now doing great and is following the recommendations from her doctors. She has lost over 100 pounds. Has less prescription medication and looks great.

The second story involves a friend that had been using a sugar substitute that has been noted to elevate liver enzymes. Her liver tests showed elevated liver enzymes. It was recommended by another friend to try a sweetener called monk fruit in the raw. She tried it and it is now using it. No word yet on her updated liver tests.

Another story has to do with a young woman that had knee replacement surgery and following the surgery, had a very difficult time. As a result from a second opinion with another orthopedist she found out that she is allergic to nickel that was used in her first surgery. Nobody knew about this allergy. She has been scheduled for another surgery to remove the original nickel artificial joint and replace it with whatever is compatible with her body.

And yet another story involves a friend that was taken to an emergency department to attempt to lower her high blood pressure. While in the emergency department her doctor happened to ask her, out of the blue, if she ate licorice. She loves licorice that comes from Australia. It turns out that this licorice from a foreign country elevates blood pressure to very high levels. This is now a question on medical exams her doctor told her.

The point: Take care of your friends and they will take care of you. Ask questions, find solutions, read about health, medicine and new procedures and share the information. It could save a life, including your own.

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Updated: August 16, 2017