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Constituents of the Parkinson's Resource Organization now have a life-changing new tool to aid them in the event of a fall. IndeeLift, maker of our unique human floor lift device, has partnered with PRO to be a 2023 sponsor of the Wellness Village. On IndeeLift’s information page, you can read and click on links to watch how easily IndeeLift helps individuals up to stand again or if needed, back onto a chair/wheelchair. Many individuals with Parkinson's disease are susceptible to falls, sometimes occasionally or, for others, all too frequently. When this happens, we all know this becomes a stressful event for everyone involved. Almost always, the fallen are unable to get up on their own and remain on the floor until help arrives in the form of caregivers, neighbors, or emergency services, which exposes everyone to lift related injuries. Sound familiar?

The Parkinson's Resource Organization is working with IndeeLift to provide its members with access to this innovative human floor lift. PRO recognizes that mobility and independence are essential for individuals with Parkinson's disease and that tools like IndeeLift can make a significant difference in their quality of life. Getting up from the floor in a matter of minutes by using IndeeLift’s device brings back dignity and independence.

Depending on eligibility, Medicare can be instrumental in making IndeeLift accessible to more individuals. The IndeeLift device is covered under Medicare Part B, which means that eligible individuals can receive the device with financial help.

You can learn more about IndeeLift by visiting their page on the Wellness Village (, where they became a member in February, 2023.

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Updated: August 16, 2017