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Super Saturday 2021


What is Super Saturday?

Last-minute Christmas shopping on Super Saturday

Super Saturday (also known as Panic Saturday) is the name given to the Saturday before Christmas Eve in reference to its role as the last day of the Christmas shopping season that starts on Black Friday.

For many shops, it is one of the days with the highest customer footfall and retail turnover of the year. For many shoppers, it is the last chance to buy Christmas gifts, as, unlike on Black Friday and depending on the date on which Super Saturday falls (it can be as early as December 17 and as late as December 23), buying Christmas gifts online may not be an option as purchases may not arrive in time.

To further entice customers into stores and to clear Christmas stock, retailers offer large discounts, store hours are extended, and some stores experience double or triple their typical customer numbers, leading to large crowds and long lines.

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  • Date & Time:
    • All Day
    • December 18, 2021
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