TMJ and Parkinson's


The late great Dr. Al Fonder labeled what many call TMJ dysfunction or cranial-mandibular-cervical dysfunction, the Dental Distress Syndrome (or DDS).

He said, "DDS patients complain of headache, dizziness, hearing loss, depression, worrying, nervousness, forgetfulness, suicidal tendencies, insomnia, sinusitis, fatigue, indigestion, constipation, ulcers, dermatitis, allergies, frequent urination, kidney and bladder complications, cold hands and feet, body pains and numbness and a host of sexual failures and gynecological problems. Elimination of the DDS reverses these chronic problems, the body chemistry and blood picture normalize."

Almost a half-century ago, two scientists named Penfield and Rasmussen, demonstrated that almost half of both sensory and motor aspects of the brain are devoted to the "dental area" or gnathologic ~ a field of dental or medical study that deals with the entire chewing apparatus ~ system.

Nearly half of the programming of our computerbrain that runs the body comes from the gnathologic system. If there are misalignments in the gnathologic system, the impulse patterns will transmit stressful messages, inevitably to all parts of the body. Clearing up those pathological impulses through the correction of jaw position and malocclusion offers the possibility of elimination of many chronic and seemingly unrelated medical conditions.

A dental physician is a health professional who promotes public awareness of whole - person health by focusing on the role of the mouth in systemic health and disease. A dental physician subscribes to the goals of relieving the body of burdens such as infections, toxic chemicals and metals, electromagnetic disturbances and radiation, food allergens and nutritional deficiencies, biomechanical imbalances, and psycho-emotional distress and dysfunction, in order to restore natural biological function, mind-body vitality, and the ability to self-regulate and maintain homeostasis.

A dental physician applies his/her dental skills to safely and effectively remove dental co-factors clinically, and works with physicians and all complementary and alternative medicine practitioners in systemic disease prevention and reversal by rendering the oral cavity energetically neutral whenever possible.

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Updated: August 16, 2017