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 THE SAN DIEGO BIOTECH COMPANY (SDBC)  “…important that the drugs capable of modifying the disease have an easy access to the central nervous system.”

We are thrilled that world science in the neuro-degenerative disease world is moving ahead at lightening speeds. ICBI’s SMART molecules still appear to be superior to other alpha-syn therapies. We are bringing to you information, in case you did not see the press release that came out March 19, 2015, which stated: Prothena Reports Robust Reduction of Free Serum alpha-Synuclein of up to 96% After Single Dose of PRX002, a Novel Protein Immunotherapy for Parkinson’s Disease. It was reported that Parkinson’s patients treated with Prothena mouse monoclonal antibody for α α-synuclein showed up to 96% reduction of serum α-synuclein. The mouse monoclonal antibody was well tolerated in majority of the patients. Aggregation of alpha-Synuclein is the hallmark of Parkinson’s disease and is responsible for bradykinesia or slowness of movement in Parkinson’s disease. On the surface, this appears to be excellent news but its clinical significance is not clear.

There was no mention of the impact of serum α-synuclein clearance on the brain Lewy body deposits and other oligomeric protein aggregates that disrupt the normal brain function. In particular, the news release did not talk about the effect on the brain-motor. Therefore, we remain cautiously optimistic about Prothena’s drug particularly when conventional mouse antibodies are historically notorious for a poor brain uptake. For an effective therapy of Parkinson’s patients, it is important that the drugs capable of modifying the disease have an easy access to the central nervous system (CNS). In the absence of an easy access to the brain, drugs have to be administered in big doses for many months to observe any noticeable improvement in patients’ bodily function. However, prolonged treatment with large doses may induce toxicity, which may outweigh any therapeutic benefits.

With higher doses and long-term treatment, the cost of therapy will also increase. Contrary to Prothena’s drug, ICBI’s SMART Molecules have been shown by third-party authorities to have an excellent access to the CNS of animals. The Company is gearing up to test its SMART Molecules in non-human primates and then in humans.

In April 2014 on the PARKINSON’S ROAD TO THE CURE, PRO proudly unveiled the SDBC’s name, introducing ICBI, their scientists and their historic work to the Parkinson’s world. This remarkable science continues as they help you understand the never before possible, “real time” imaging of the proteins causing Parkinson’s in the brain of live mice and now primates. We invite you to contact us or them if you want information about supporting or investing in The Parkinson’s Road to the Cure. We would be proud to make this important introduction and we continue to salute our scientists as they forge ahead!

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