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The biotech company in San Diego, in collaboration with Dr. Masliah of UCSD, had commenced the Blood-Brain Barrier study with its a-synuclein-picobody in Parkinson’s-like transgenic mice in April, 2012. The objective of the study was:

i. To determine if a-synuclein-picobody travels through the Blood-Brain Barrier in an animal into the central nervous system and,

ii.  To assess if it seeks and binds to the intended target: a-synuclein aggregates that cause depletion of dopamine producing neurons.

The data received by this biotech company from Dr. Masliah, UCSD Neuroscientist, has unequivocally shown that a-synuclein-picobody penetrated the Blood-Brain Barrier into the Central Nervous System where it specifically bound to a-synuclein aggregates.

The results of the animal study bring this biotech company closer to developing non-invasive early diagnosis and treatment for Parkinson’s disease. The Company is in talks with a reputable US research institute to transform its Blood-Brain Barrier permeable picobodies into non-invasive diagnostic and therapeutic agents for diagnosing and treating neurodegenerative diseases.

On July 24 the Wall Street Journal reported, Pfizer/Johnson & Johnson/Elan’s terminated the first of two simultaneous Phase 3 clinical trials with a drug known as BAPINEUZUMAB, which is a humanized mouse monoclonal antibody against beta-amyloid. The clinical trials were being conducted on Alzheimer’s patients with mild to moderate disease symptoms. The negative results led to early termination of the clinical trials. Mouse monoclonal antibodies, in general, have poor Blood-Brain Barrier penetration. Therefore, such an outcome of a trial with mouse antibody was not surprising. Picobodies are Blood-Brain Barrier permeable and, therefore, likely to be much superior therapeutic agents for most of the brain diseases.

Jo Rosen continues to be motivated to making the San Deigo project the first PATIENT DRIVEN research in the world. Her personal mission to raise funds for this exciting new research is strong. If you are, or know someone who is, an experienced and sophisticated investor with a desire to help underwrite this research, you are invited to contact Jo. The company doing the research is a for-profit company founded and run by scientific entrepreneurs

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