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February Support Groups

Support Group Meetings (7 Types)

Partner in Care Meetings

Open to: Non-Professional Caregivers

Share the ups and downs of caring for somebody living with Parkinson's. You are not not alone. Benefit from community knowledge, experience, and solutions. Vent, laugh, cry, release your frustrations, and give yourself a break in this loving and sympathetic space.

Village Meetings

Open to: People with Parkinson’s, Caregivers, Friends of the Community 

These educational meetings feature professionals serving the Parkinson’s community. Each meeting is packed with a wealth of information following themes like “Paying for Care,” “What to Know About Hospice” and “Nutrition” – you’ll want to bring a pencil and notepad! 

Round Table Meetings

Open to: People with Parkinson’s & Caregivers

Join a loving circle of like-minded individuals. Gather advice and technical knowledge about medication, therapies, common symptoms, and more.  Learn what works for others, share what works for you. Realize that others can relate to and learn from your journey with Parkinson’s. 

Mindfulness Meetings

Open to: People with Parkinson’s, Caregivers, Friends of the Community

Led by medical hypnotherapist Roger Moore. These meetings teach skills to help you improve your sleep, overcome trauma, depression, stress, anxiety, fear, and exhaustion through simple at-home exercises, guided meditations, and exploration of the body/mind connection. Give yourself the gift of a pause, and discover how you can improve your health, strengthen your resilience and enhance your coping skills.

Grief Group

Open to: People with Parkinson’s, Caregivers, Friends of the Community 

Facilitated by End of Life Doula Glendon Geikie, MSW, IELDA, CGCS. An exploration of anticipatory grief and loss, especially the living loss of movement, partnership, independence, life plans, and eternal loss. If you are suffering losses, this might be the space for you. 

Movement – Use It or Lose It

Open to: People with Parkinson’s & Caregivers

A time for discovery, with exercises geared towards people with a diverse range of mobility. Learn safe, at-home exercises to preserve and strengthen mobility, flexibility, strength, and balance. Bring your water, bring your questions, and let’s move!

Young Onset Parkinson's Round Table

Open to: People with Parkinson’s & Caregivers between the ages 30-59.

Anyone can get Parkinson’s – but being diagnosed with young onset Parkinson’s can be uniquely isolating and confusing. You’re in a different stage of life than older patients and you have different needs, concerns, and experiences. Join Young Parkinson’s to discuss topics like dating, socializing, parenting, and working with Parkinson’s with people facing the same challenges as you.

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Updated: August 16, 2017