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The following comments, letters of appreciation and e-mails of support are shared with the single purpose of expressing our gratitude and love from our many constituents and the Parkinson’s Community at large. 

Dear PRO Team, 
     I want you to know how much my husband and I appreciate your concern, your good advice and your many helpful referrals as we struggled with his recent healthcare emergency.
    You have been the only ones we could turn to when it comes to specific advice for Parkinson’s patients.
    We are so grateful that you are here.

- KKraut

This testimonial was posted on Issue 340 of "Newsworthy Notes", the Parkinson's Resource Organization monthly newsletter.

Thank you so much Jo (and team)!  We appreciate the support and publicity!! 
We are currently working with the closure of the RiteAid next door to us so the transfers are coming in!  We love and cherish our PRO patients!

- Greg at Cornerstone Pharmacy in Palm Desert


Not sure how to reach Ms. Rosen, so I hope this can be passed along. I just attended the caregiver's meeting on zoom this evening and I wanted to say thank you. It really helped to hear other people’s situations and know that I don’t have to do this alone. The past 15 months have been life-changing as well as humbling for me. Words can’t describe how having a place to receive some support will help me be a better caregiver as well as address my health issues.  I look forward to learning more about upcoming meetings and reviewing your resources on your site.  Thank you again for what you do!  

- Samantha


The Parkinsons Resource Organization in its spirit of cooperation and unselfish commitment to assisting other Parkinson’s Disease non profits stepped up and assisted us in promoting a Parkinson’s themed cruise. In response to their direct marketing, a couple from the California area participated in our cruise to Alaska.

- Michael C., Naples, Florida


I have a wife who has had PD for about 10 years. Over a year ago I discovered PRO and Realizing I needed some help and an opportunity to vent because I was getting overwhelmed by it all. I searched the web for a PD organization that held Caregiver meetings. PRO had a Caregiver only meeting and I attended. As I sat in the meeting and listened to the Host and caregivers and asked questions, I was just besides myself with excitement about finally finding an organization that had exactly what I needed. Have been attending ever since and I am still excited about the meeting where we can talk about any area of PD or the Caregiver’s stress and get good information and insight from one another or PRO’s president Jo Rosen by phone. An example of this is when I talked to Jo about my wife’s doctor changing and increasing her medication which troubled me. She suggested a second opinion and provided the name of a doctor in my area. Since that time we have been seeing another doctor that established a plan to reduce her current medications and my wife seems to be getting back a lot of her old personality and the dementia, that really concerned me, has diminished some. All because of the support of PRO. Thanks PRO.

-Bob M., Yucaipa, CA


This Non-Profit for Parkinson’s, Has the best resources you can have in the Wellness Village and sees to be growing everyday. The support groups are so informative that you cannot help but to be helped. Jo Rosen is amazing and you can feel the love and warmth she has for all the people that are helped through PRO. Seriously, if you or a loved one has Parkinson’s and needs a resource in any area, be it balance training, or just a hug. This is the place.

- Kathleen S., Palm Springs, CA


Jo Rosen, founder and President of Parkinson’s Resource Organization is nothing short of a POWERFUL Freight Train! She never stops giving to her Parkinson’s community and continues to connect patients with vital information, consultation, guidance and encouragement 24/7 Her organization is unique in that they are NOT subsidized by BIG BUSINESS, they are sustained by the donations and gratitude of her clients and followers. I have heard many times of people coming to her in shambles, recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s, devastated by the news and having NO IDEA where to turn. What’s next, what’s best, how do I move forward with my life?
The Parkinson’s Resource Organization team is small and yet they answer every call and every email personally. Jo reviews every piece of communication to insure her clients get the absolute best information and support. PRO plays a vital role in the world of Parkinson’s disease. With a kind heart, commitment to serving others and a heart dedicated to those on the Parkinson’s journey, I can’t think of another organization more deserving of recognition.

- Lynn H, Indian Wells, CA


I have two stories: One, my neighbor went to Jo Rosen’s meetings a few times after her husband died and sure enough, she met a man who was mourning his wife and about two years later, the two of them fell in love and married! They are living happily ever after!!

Two: My mother, who had Parkinsons, loved music and had played the piano all her life. Now living with us, we looked for a piano teacher who was skilled in helping her play despite her tremors and her dementia. I called PRO and Jo Rosen put us in touch with a wonderful teacher, Susanne Shapiro, who taught my mother and had the patience of a saint! It was a godsend to have Ms. Shapiro help her lift her spirits and practice with her (and, it turned out very coincidentally, more than 40 years before, they had met at a mutual friend’s dinner party in New York – 3000 miles east of where they now lived in Los Angeles)!!! Jo also recommended a terrific masseuse for my mother and she came every week to massage my mother’s body with hopes of keeping it supple and flexible. My family cannot thank Jo Rosen enough for all both the physical and the spiritual help that she provided for my mother when she had Parkinsons, dementia and lived with us for almost seven years.
Trying to give back, my husband was able to host several PRO functions in those years – which were always not only fun but very fulfilling. This organization – and Jo Rosen – deserve many kudos for the wonderful, important work they’ve been doing all these years….

–Suzanne M., Beverly Hills, CA


My father faced this disease with dignity and courage. May those of us left behind continue to find answers to light the way for others on the Parkinson’s path.
In loving memory of my father, Herbert M Newman (4-6-2006)

- Jeanette V, Davis, CA


I think of you often…….YOU are so courageous in your mission to help those suffering with Parkinson’s!!  Personally, I am acutely aware of your two most important people in your life, loss’s due to this tragic illness! You have “soldiered on” against the odds to keep your Foundation alive and out there for so many that seek the information that only YOU provide.
It is HUGE all that you do, Jo……..and I always feel so proud to call you friend!!

God Bless you!!
Laura Palmer (Midway, UT)


“It is I who should thank you. I have visited The Parkinson’s Resource Organization Website while writing segments for the American Health Journal. It is a valuable resource. Likewise if I can assist you or your organization it would be my honor”

- Rick Campbell, Writer, Reporter, Palm Springs


Congratulations on having a fun and educational weekend. You had a good turnout for the sessions and many people heard the exciting breakthrough in Parkinsons. I
was sitting next to an IW resident on Sunday who told me his parents were there to learn more because one or both suffered from the disease. If it weren’t for you, the weekend would never have happened. If it weren’t for you, PRO wouldn’t exist and the many families you have helped and save would not have benefited. I’d say u have more than two miracles so you are my SAINT! I’ll see what I can find out about assistance from Rotary in the desert. Be well!

Love, Bill O
Torrance, CA


Please add me to your e-mail list and send me your recent e-mail sent to others in attendance regarding the weekend conference. Congratulations on a wonderful well done and information packed conference. Keep up the good work.

Love, Diane B
Your grand prize winner 2004
Long Beach, CA


Thank you so much for last night. Wow, there’s so much to learn about all things PD, and I know we’re in the right place to do so. I can already sense your passion to help PD patients and their caregivers and families as they wade through the effects of the disease, and your knowledge and experience are extraordinary. But I also see your love for each person, and your heart + your knowledge are the perfect match. Thank you ahead of time for being there for us! I look forward to what we can learn about our PD journey alongside caring and knowledgeable people like you. 

- Anonymous


A Very Merry Christmas to you and to all your colleagues at PRO.  You’ve been doing a wonderful, dedicated job of supporting families of Parkinsons patients and it continues to be so appreciated by both Stephen and me.

Wishing you a Happy and Very Healthy New Year to you!

- Suzanne

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