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It may seem like your symptoms go in only one direction: tremors, difficulty performing everyday activities, less control. But Abbott’s directional deep brain stimulation (DBS) therapy has helped people with movement disorders, like Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor, control these symptoms and live a better, fuller, more active life.

DBS is a well-established therapy used to treat the symptoms of movement disorders for more than 20 years.1* When Abbott introduced a groundbreaking new directional DBS system in 2016, the outlook for people with movement disorders became even better.

The Abbott Infinity™ DBS system features directional lead technology, which gives your doctor the ability to precisely target and tailor your therapy with more options, optimizing symptom control while limiting potential side effects.2-4

Whether you want to pour your morning cup of coffee, go out for a meal with friends or work an 8-hour day, the Abbott Infinity™ DBS System is designed to fit seamlessly into your life and help you reclaim your everyday with a recharge-free platform.


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Important safety information:

*Based on data from all manufacturers. Abbott DBS therapy has demonstrated safety and effectiveness out to 5 years.5-6
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