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Laura Meeks is a certified Life Coach. She can help you reignite your passion for life and help you to live a life you would love. 

Fly High Living is about living your best possible life- living where you are happiest, and doing all the things you always wanted to do. Laura Meeks brings you structured courses to mentor your changes in as little as 12 weeks.

You can find your own wings so that you can fly high and achieve all that you were meant to achieve.  You will do some work, but you won't be alone, and Laura will make sure you have a lot of fun too!  First you’ll discover the things about yourself and your life that tell you just what that best work, home, and the rest of it looks like. Then you’ll learn how to craft, follow, and revise your ‘flight plan’ to get just where you want to go.

Laura Meeks Mission

To help people change their lives in a way that brings their unique gifts to the world so they can live a life they love.



As a sought after life coach and professional speaker, Laura offers inspiring workshops to sold-out audiences around the country as well as transformational in-depth coaching programs that help clients achieve new heights of success, meaning, and spiritual aliveness. She is acutely aware of how change impacts your life and she has life experience to draw on for examples. At age 50 she transitioned genders and went from Laurence the macho pilot to Laura the transformational life coach. Laura and Annie will celebrate 33 yrs of marriage and know what life changes are all about. Whether you face changes in your health or you are the caregiver, she can help you achieve the best you can be given the talents and tools you have on hand.

Laura has trained with the top leaders in coaching and personal development. From her training, she has created her brand: Fly High Living. Her motto is Dream on, Fly High and Live Adventurously. Her training and her speeches are derived from her adventurous life experiences. Her mission is to help you bring your gifts to the world and live a life you love.  Laura served our country as an USAF pilot and retired as a Major in 1995. Since then she has been a speaker, a teacher, and a successful business owner. She was Vice President of a multimillion dollar consulting firm, ThinkQ Inc and now turns that experience into gold as a life coach.

Living in Rancho Mirage, CA she sees clients in her home office as well as over the phone and now through the computer via Zoom or Skype. She is happy to work one on one, in seminars, or in group programs. If you are ready to invest in your growth, she is ready to talk about the path ahead. 

Laura Meeks's contrbution to the PRO Newsletter and Blog

- Write the ending to your life story!


Laura Meeks has been a member of the Wellness Village since March 2019

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  • Life coach
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  • Dream On, Fly High, Live Adventurously
  • “Laura Meeks Show”

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