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Do you know what nutrient thieves are in your medicine cabinet?

Linda Mac Dougall, of Mac Dougall Consulting, is a holistic health practitioner, author, speaker, trainer/educator, and massage therapist specializing in seniors and the disabled. She brings decades of experience working with our developmentally disabled and mentally ill to now serve an aging population. These groups share similar issues. 

Linda is a baby boomer herself. Insights have been gained from personal health issues and working with her clients . She has used the methods found for herself to help others.  Observing and assessing attitudes, environments, and special needs is a key in her work. Replacing nutrients lost to medications is also a key to supporting health.

As a massage therapy specialist, she can feel and see much of the body and bring attention to things as suspicious moles, lumps, and the like.  Massage therapists are one of the last professions to actually take the time to observe the skin, feet, posture, contractures, imbalances, and more that is often overlooked by conventional medicine.  She educates on canes, walkers, crutches, and wheelchairs for proper selection.

Her M.A. in Counseling Psychology increases the understanding of various challenges faced by maturing adults. Linda’s unique vantage point comes from her wide variety of experiences. She worked her way up from direct care worker to becoming an administrator of two group homes. 

Then came her time as a federal advocate for Hawaii’s developmentally disabled, where both she and Hawaii gained knowledge that served her clients even after she left. Other experiences included time being a mental health worker, teacher, and a teacher’s aid at one state hospital. 




Products and/or Services Available

  • Assessments (Virtual and In-Person)
  • Nutrient Replacement Planning with Several Companies Represented (Including cbd products)
  • Local Ventura County Massage Therapy (depending on city)
  • Caregiver and Massage Therapist Education
  • Speaking Engagements

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Updated: August 16, 2017