Frank Rumoro, PRO Ambassador, and a Person with Parkinson’s


As you are aware, PRO’s focus for the month of May is around Physical Fitness and Movement Awareness. It is the perfect time to revisit or recommit to an exercise regimen. Actually, just hearing the word ‘exercise’ causes me to shut down. I prefer to use ‘ACTIVE’. 

When I was first diagnosed in 1999 at 36 years of age, my doctor told me to be careful, to not overdo it, going so far as to recommending a walker. Basically, I felt he was suggesting I become a couch potato. That just isn’t who I am and in my mind was a horrible recommendation. I felt the need to keep moving!

Over the years, I learned that Parkinson’s Disease is a roller coaster of ups and downs, periods of good times, and challenging times. I found that being ‘active’ in any form made whatever period I was in considerably easier, adjusting the activity to my ability level as needed. My activities have ranged from walking to the mailbox and making dinner for my family, to boxing, water aerobics, and hiking the mountain trails. I choose to keep ‘active’ doing things I am interested in and that I like to do. 

If you are currently active that is great, but maybe it’s time to consider kicking it up. If you haven’t been active, start with something you like to do and that fits your ability level. Don’t judge or measure your activities against anyone else’s. It is all about YOU! I do encourage you to not be afraid and to push yourself a bit.

There are many benefits to keeping yourself active. Physically it helps with keeping fit, and it can improve balance. It also helps mentally with focus, memory and promoting a positive attitude. 

It doesn’t matter how slow you go... as long as you don’t stop.




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Updated: August 16, 2017