Four years ago I got a call from a buddy in Florida telling me about a unique new product that was going to intrigue me and my marketing brain. As an entrepreneur, I had a lot on my plate and told him to call me in six months. He would not take no for an answer and repeated I was going to be fascinated. Now I was getting more irritated than fascinated. So, I rudely asked “What is it?”. He said, “It’s a pair of socks”. 

I laughed, I literally laughed. I said, “You have got to be kidding me, your big idea is a pair of socks?” He said “Yes”. He said they instantly improve balance, strength, and range of motion. He sent me a couple videos, I watched them, called him back and said, “It’s just a magic trick”. He said, “No, it’s real, you’ll see.” He overnighted me a pair. 

Every Sunday I would take my 93-year-old mother out to lunch. I picked up Mom and drove to the restaurant. I opened her door and she got out. I said “Mom, before we have lunch, I want to do a little experiment. Take off your shoes”. Picture this, we are in the middle of a busy parking lot, and I am asking a little, frail 93-year-old to take off her shoes. She looks at me like I am the crazy one, but she takes off her shoes. I stand next to her and gently try to tip her over. I say, “Try not to tip.” Of course, she tips, then I have her stand on the insoles. I could not budge her. It was at that moment I realized that she is not trying to con me, I really cannot tip her over. Two days later I am on a flight to Toronto because I needed to meet Jay the inventor. I knew I needed to share this with the world.

Jay’s mom was diagnosed with MS. He watched her go from diagnosis to wheelchair in 18 months. He retired and said his new job was helping to improve the quality of her life. It sounds a bit crazy, but it is a pattern that is woven into the bottom of a pair of socks. The same neurotech pattern is molded into a pair of insoles. The moment you put the socks on your feet or put the insoles in your shoes they improve balance, strength, and range of motion. 

Fast forward 3 years. My phone rang, it was that dreaded early morning call. It was the nurse from the assisted living facility we recently moved my 93-year-old mom into. “Your mom fell”, she said. They rushed her to the hospital. We quickly drove to the ER. We met with the doctors who told us “If we don’t fix the hip, she won’t even be able to sit up in bed”. I am not a doctor, but I knew she was not a good candidate for surgery, but what do you do? They successfully replaced her hip, but she lasted a total of eight days. Unfortunately, that is a common story. According to the National Council on Aging, falls are the leading cause of fatal injury and the most common cause of nonfatal trauma related hospital admissions among older adults.

Every senior needs these socks and especially anyone with Parkinson’s, MS, Stroke, or traumatic brain injury. Now, we suggest they sleep in them so when they do get up out of bed, we can help reduce their risk of falling. I was traveling spreading the word, so others wouldn’t have to endure what my mom did, presenting at two to three medical conferences each month to a wide range of professionals from neurologists, to podiatrists and PTs. They were intrigued and impressed. Then COVID hit, all conferences were cancelled. I needed to find additional ways to reach the people who can benefit. That is when I came across The Parkinson’s Resource Organization. Even in the COVID era, the founder, Jo Rosen, agreed to meet with me. Rosen told me “Our goal is to be a clearing house and resource to help improve quality of life for people with Parkinson’s and their caregivers”. A PRO staff member was there. “When Stan told me he had socks and insoles that would instantly improve my balance, he sounded like the classic snake oil salesman, but I skeptically said show me. Stan asked me to take off my shoes and try not to tip. He stood next to me and tipped me over, he repeated it, he said he wasn’t trying to trick me so he gave me a second chance, I tipped again. Then he said”, “Step on the insoles”. I did, and he tried his hardest to tip me again, but this time I was rock solid. He could not tip me over. “Wow, it really did work. I was very pleasantly surprised.” Jo who was right there watching, chimed in and said, “I’ve spent 30 years helping people with Parkinson’s, trying to find out what’s new and cutting edge, and able to help improve quality of life”. I asked her to take off her shoes and just like the staff member, and the 14,000 other people I have tested before him. Jo tipped over. Then she stood on the insoles, and I could not budge her. Jo had a big smile on her face (even though she was wearing a face covering, I could tell). The next day I got a call from Jo proclaiming that when she did her workout, she could hold a plank much longer than usual. She was stronger and had more range of motion. “If these socks can do this for me, I’m very hopeful of what it can do for our people with Parkinson’s and their caregivers” she said.

According to Stan, “My phone rings every day from people just calling to say ‘Thank you for telling me about these socks’.” It is simple. I tell people, I am not trying to change your meds, I’m not trying to change your diet, I’m not trying to change your lifestyle, I’m just trying to change your socks. We have thousands of stories and videos on our website. We’ve had consultants tell us we should triple our prices, but Jay looks them in the eye and says, “If I could figure out how to lower the price, I’d lower it.” This is not about the money. These two self-proclaimed mama’s boys just want to help the world, and they even offer a risk-free 30-day money back guarantee on every pair. People don’t return them, they call in a few days later and say “Please ship me three more pairs, I don’t want to do laundry every day and send me some for my sister, or mother or grandson”. 

I failed to mention that because what we’re doing is neurological, I get call after call from parents or grandparents of kids on the autism spectrum telling me, “The moment little Johnny puts on his socks, it’s as if there’s a calming effect that comes over him”. Every day is an adventure. I wake up wondering, “Who can I help today?”

If you would like to learn more about these incredible socks, might we suggest that you go to the Wellness Village, watch the videos and get in touch with Stan Esecson. Stan and See Our Socks In Action just joined the Wellness Village.

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Updated: August 16, 2017