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Compassionate Care Through The Hearts And Hands Of Nurses

Nurses For Safe Access (NFSA) are Integrative Cannabinoid Nurse Advocates! Across America people every day are becoming more and more disenfranchised from Western medicine; the side effects of debilitating pharmaceuticals; and the soaring cost of prescription drugs. People suffering from serious health challenges and life-threatening disease conditions are becoming more pro-active in seeking knowledge and alternatives, and many are exploring Medical Cannabis as one of the most viable options to address many debilitating health conditions.

Nurses Rank #1 – Time and again, nurses rank as the #1 most trusted profession in Gallup’s annual survey of professions for their honesty and ethical standards. Nurses are the foundation of health-care providers who strive to promote optimal health, prevent illness, and alleviate suffering. The fundamental principles of nursing are: Compassion, Education, Respect and Advocacy...  building a foundation for optimal patient care. Their nurses are experienced and well versed in Western Medicine and Integrative Cannabinoid Treatment Modalities. Their goal is to ‟Safeguard YOU, and Your Access to Nature’s Medicine... Including Cannabinoid Medicine.” The primary focus of NFSA is to coach you, in integrative cannabinoid health and provide “safe access” towards batch-tested medicinal cannabinoid (cannabis) products for the therapeutic use for symptom relief, pain management and healing.  Nurses For Safe Access: is a Non-profit Mutual Benefit Corporation, “A Collective Of Caring Nurses.” Their mission is to provide professional caring support and healing choices, while at the same time, obtaining important health data from their members for cannabinoid/cannabis medicine research. The mission of NFSA is to deliver and set the industry standard in providing legitimate and safe managed cannabis care through a highly trained network of Registered Nurses.

Their vision statement is: To advocate and advance knowledge to patients, the health care industry, and insurance companies, in utilizing medically sound managed cannabis care, research, products, and professionals that enhance and integrate into Western Medicine treatments protocols. NFSA’s creator, an award-winning Registered Nurse, Linda West-Conforti is also the Founder of Angels in Waiting ( With more than thirty years experience as a neonatal intensive care nurse, she has seen the majority of neonatal foster care babies born from drug addicted mothers. This one issue was her inspiration to also create Nurses for Safe Access that utilizes the same nursing model on opposite ends of a growing national opioid epidemic known as Substance Use Disorder. Surrounded by a highly experienced corporate team and IT Nurses For Safe Access is a growing national network of uniquely certified Nurses working under a professional and educational service model (patents pending). Nurses For Safe Access (NFSA) is a proud member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians. They are working hand in hand with The Medical Cannabis Institute and the Society of Cannabis Clinicians. Their short term goal is to educate Registered Nurses about the importance and/of the discovery of the role that the endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays in human health and disease. Working with the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, their current effort is developing a member health care survey that documents patient’s responses to batch-tested cannabis products. While laboratory-based research is uncovering fascinating information about CBD and cannabis in general, NFSA nurse-clinicians will know first-hand what their members are experiencing. With increasing access to lab-tested cannabis, they have learned that different cannabinoid ratios have different applications. Their growing number of colleagues in traditional allopathic medicine and NFSA look forward to the day when all patients/members have access to accurately labeled cannabis medicine, that we can report with confidence the unique therapeutic effects of CBD-Rich cannabis. Nurses For Safe Access (NFSA) is dedicated to establishing guidelines and protocols; helping conduct quality medical cannabis research, expanded care for patients/members while ensuring the safety and HIPAA confidentiality of all of their members. Working with the Society of Cannabis Clinicians and other foundations, Nurses For Safe Access is a mutual benefit non-profit educational and research company, dedicated to the education, promotion, protection and the utilization of medicinal cannabis for medical use. It is their mission to educate and unite all NFSA nurses and help them direct our members into safe and integrative-complementary treatment modalities. By working with the various medical specialties and allied cannabis professionals with this common purpose in mind and heart, they bring this Miracle of Mother Nature to you.


To coach patients and caregivers in safe, legitimate integrative cannabinoid health-care, as well as collect data related to the efficacy of cannabinoid medicine. • To provide guidance in accessing “batch-tested” medicinal cannabis products from the most trusted manufacturers for the therapeutic use for symptom relief and pain management. As nurses, we can advocate, educate, collect data, and coach our members by utilizing our expanding network of top-quality, batch-tested cannabis products.  These products are distributed to our members by our vast collective-to-collective agreements with California’s top Cannabinoid medicine manufactures who perform batch tested results on all of their products prior to distribution. As a result our members get fast Safe Access to cannabinoid medicine, such as but not limited to: Flower, CBD, Cannabis Oils, Vapes, Tinctures,  etc,... delivered to them to help address their health-care issues from the comforts of their own home. Nurses for Safe Access will privately determine via a HIPAA compliant Tele-medicine platform, called Tell-A-Nurse what cannabis strains, cannabis products and/or other integrative complementary treatments that could be used to help appropriately address any of your debilitating diseases and symptoms . NFSA is pioneering into a nursing specialty practice of its own; Cannabinoid Nursing as an Integrative Nursing Treatment Modality. Drawing on their in-depth nursing practices, knowledge, theories, expertise and insight to help guide their members in becoming therapeutic partners and willing research participants within their collective of caring nurses. Nurses are at the pivotal point in compassionate patient care. Now, in the realm of cannabinoid medicine, registered nurses provide a legitimate safety net as Integrative Cannabinoid Advocates and Coaches. In a system mired in “sick care” verses “health care,” nurses are a proud, respected and empowered community of caregivers. Nurses have earned the public’s distinction as the most “honest and trustworthy profession.”

Linda West-Conforti and JJ Meier will be presenting to our Palm Desert Speaker meeting October 24th beginning at 6:30 pm. RSVP is required.

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Updated: August 16, 2017